Sunday, March 28, 2010

The End of a Moment

(18:45) - Jonathan
I love each of you, but I have no desire to recall the events of the past few months. To fill my mind with the ghosts of memory would occupy my soul for some length of time, and I have neither the energy nor the will to embark on any such undertaking. In short, I (taking the pretentiousness of this post to an entirely new level! [more on this in a minute]) shall quote the Dao De Jing:

Attend the present to deal with the past;
Thus you grasp the continuity of the Way,
Which is its essence.

So there. Ha.

*NOTE: To all of my readers saying, "Really, Jonathan? What the heck is this gobbledygook?" (or, if you happen to be Maggie Howell, most likely something along the lines of, "You are the WORST!!!"), I say, "I'm glad this sentence actually makes sense, because it's absurdly long and convoluted."

"No, wait," you say, "that doesn't answer the question at all! Also, now you are making the blog look dumb ['the WORST!!!'] with this absurd conversation that is just super weird by itself and also doesn't explain at all why the rest of your post was so weird, either!"

Well, all I can say is, "Yes."

Yes, I make no sense, and yes, this post was weird, but if there's one thing that I hat it's trying to remember things and put them in words, so I was going to avoid that at all costs, sides-stepping all kinds of expectations and playing for all kinds of keeps [this sentence needs a footnote to Nick Bodnar, but since I don't want to figure out how to do that, I just made you reed this long bracketed clause instead --- gotcha!]. Why be super wacko in the first half of the post? Because I like writing that way: normal English is gross. Reading it is like trying to eat a big, grey bowl of cold, hard grits when you're not even hungry --- it's annoying and it does you no good, either. The moral of this story is, "eat warm grits," and yes, I really did just say that, and yes, this post really was this weird, and no, I do not have the slightest is clue why I am writing this, and yes, that is all I have to say about that.

Oh, well.
Long live the Fortress.

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