Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday 1/31

(Lewis Purcell) - 17:21
I am not in the tent. However I did serve communion at the chapel today and guess who came up in the line - RYAN KELLEY! Suddenly i saw this hulking tall figure over me and I looked up and saw Ryan, for a moment I thought it was Zoubek (probably would have passed out) but I was still taken aback. I stammered for a moment then remembered to say, "body of Christ, broken for you" and hand him the bread. It was epic. Later today I went to Bassett and he was just in the hallways, Andrew introduced me and I reminded him that I served him communion. Andrew's going to invite him to Bible Study. For a famous basketball player to go by himself to church on a snowy day when buses are scarce - I think that shows a lot of character. Anways, enough now. Tenting resumes tomorrow morning - still don't know what tent number we are.

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 17:39
After spending some time with our lonely tent today, Lewis and I headed to watch Robert throw down an incredible performance in Reefer Madness. My only hopes are that Robert doesn't get too into his role and start bringing mad reefers into THE FORTRESS. The heavy duty tarp is flame-resistant, but the blue tarp definitely is not, and I do not want to put my most prized possession at risk. The number of Duke followers of this blog are increasing. It seems that news of our adventures are the hottest gossip on campus. As for myself, I dearly miss the tent. After the 6+ inches of snow the other day, I have not been able to sleep in THE FORTRESS for three nights, and I am having withdrawals. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I can attest to that statement.

(Tim Lin) - 18:19
Captain My Captain has informed me via text message that we are tent #6. That means out of the 7 black tents, we got 6th. Which is kinda lame, but we'll still be in the front row, so that will still be epic. I think the performance of the actual tent structure should be considered next year. The Fortress was the only tent that did not get displaced by a storm or other external factors. The only reason it moved was because we voluntarily moved it. Everybody else's tent got completely owned. O well.

In other news, I too saw the amazing Robert "Awesome" Francis give an amazing performance. Epic. But yeah. I also agree with Cameron. No reefer allowed in the Fortress. We don't want Brandon to get addicted again. We found out today that he grew up in a reefer den. How tragic. I hope he doesn't get raped and not care, sell his babies, run over old ladies, become a pathological liar, or laugh to death. Because reefer does that to you. Remember the story of Jimmy Harper.

(Tim Lin) - 23:46
Wow. UNC just got even more annoying. Usually, when I go to to see how much they lose every game by, I click the "Rankings" button and then "North Carolina." That takes me directly to their page. Except I can't do that anymore. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE UNRANKED!! what losers.

In other news, we have grace till at least Tuesday morning now. The snow is still on the ground.

And according to the poll, I am supposed to get married to Hannah. This is absolutely, totally, and in all other ways, inconceivable!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday 1/30

(Tim Lin) - 00:00 hrs
Earlier today (yesterday, I guess), it snowed. I was so excited. This is the first time it's snowed where I lived. Yeah. K-Ville is now fully tented up and it's like a winter wonderland. Snowball fights inevitably ensue. Yeah.

In other news, the dirt sheet is in. Part 1 of 3 is now complete. I have to learn everything I can about Duke basketball from 1985 - 1990 before 7 PM today. And I hope this secret spot isn't so secretive that I can't find it. I hardly know anything about Duke's campus besides the buildings in which I have class =/

(Tim Lin) - 22:55 hrs
I guess nobody decided to update on today. Well, anyways...

Duke basketball lost to Georgetown today. It was terrible. We played like poop. We really need to start getting things together...

At 16:00, we met in Perkins to figure out the "Dash to the Secret Spot" stuff. The secret spot happened to be in Cameron Indoor Stadium. I thought that was kinda stupid. Everybody knows where that is. It should have been somewhere obscure that nobody knows about. Like the Phytotron building. That would have been awesome. Anyways, Esther was stationed around there. She was basically the first person into Cameron, but she couldn't find Zach White (head line monitor). It's not really her fault either. He was hiding in the stands. We ended up being #23 out of everybody. Which translates to #5 out of the black tenters. Not the best =/

Then, we found out the snow from last night/today destroyed our tent. But the Fortress is still alive somehow. I think we should just go with the Fortress and not bother with an actual tent. We decided not to set it back up in case it snows again. And we have grace until at least Monday morning. So setting it up isn't that urgent.

Then there was some tent drama. Which I will purposely keep very vague. If someone else wants to explain, then that's up to them.

Trivia night. We knew...not very many of the questions. And even though they didn't say we couldn't use a cheat sheet (they only said no cell phones and computers), they didn't let us use our cheat sheets. So I was basically sitting on at least 4 answers that I couldn't look at. Lame. O well. Team Fortress is still the best.

Yeah. I'm actually in my room right now. We probably won't be back in the tent until Monday or so. To all those who follow us, don't expect too many updates. Not much tent-related stuff will happen.

In other news, apparently, it's supposed to snow a half inch twice a year in North Carolina. Or something like that. There is definitely at least 5 inches of snow that appeared overnight. This is crazy. I have no snow-friendly clothes. I may need to invest in some soon, but I don't think snow will be here for too much longer. Although some gloves might be a good idea...Anyways, I peed in the snow for the first time in my life today. There is now a yellow spiral on the ground. Yes, I peed in a spiral. If you live in Edens, you might find it.

Also, according to the poll, I am apparently going to marry Hannah. I find this especially amusing, considering my disbelief in the existence of female entities.

Yeah, that's it for now. To all my Asian (Chinese) friends out there, ping an chu qu.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 1/29

(Robert Francis)- 00:00
I arrived at the tent at midnight with Lewis and Bodnar. We then proceeded to kill Michael Gay. Lewis took out his legs while Nick and Cameron held him down. Johnathan stabbed him at least 3 times and Brandon delivered the final lemur punch to the throat. After storing his body for later, Jonathan climbed into a storm grate. Then things got crazy. We declared K-Ville Olympics and people started jumping over the trash cans. First 1, then 3...then 4! It was most epic. Lewis lost a race to Cameron, even though he cheated and then Ultimate Frisbee began...

We are in McDonald's. The reader may wonder, "Why aren't they in the tent? It's past 11 PM! They should all be in the tent! Wait! Maybe a tent check just happened! They have grace for an hour! I get it!" In a normal circumstance, the reader would be correct. However, this is no normal circumstance. Team Fortress has just defeated Zach White, the head line monitor, in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We were playing to 7 points (win by 2) when the other line monitors rang the tent-checking siren. Zach cancelled the check so we could finish the game. Then Nick Bodnar had the great idea of playing for grace. We won on a heroic catch by Cameron.

It was epic. We now have grace until 9 AM.

In other news, Black Tenting now ends at 4 PM on Friday. I'm not quite sure why. I think it's to avoid the potential snow (WHICH I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT OMG!!!). 7 hours of black tenting left. Everybody tried to convince us not to do it because they all thought we were going to die.

What was supposed to be 7 nights in the tent turned out to be 4. One was cancelled because of a tornado watch. One was cancelled because of a frisbee game. And one was cancelled because black tenting is now 6 days long. Epic.

Black Tenting is almost the greatest decision I've ever made in my life.

(Lewis Purcell) -14:24
Epic! Annelise, Nick and Cameron get so many keeps/props for that mealie game of frisbee that gave us Grace for the night. Claire, Brandon, Tim and I stayed in the tent anyways cuz of classes - however we intended to laugh at the other tents when they had night tent checks that we wouldn't have to get out of the tent for. But there were none - so that plan failed. Black tenting is reaching its end - to be honest it saddens me. I find one person at the tent policy of blue tenting will be lonely for that person and end a lot of the tent camraderie not to mention the enormous amounts of space we will now have with only 6 people in the tent each night. But we've decided to have some weekend reunions with all 12 of us in it again. Just to let everyone know how hardcore we are we decided not to buy a tent but rather use the tarp we've been using - it's epic. As a result of our hardcoreness we've earned a good reputation. Karen said she's had tenting friends complain to her about this one tent called, "the fortress" with super hardcore annoying tenters. Another girl when I told her I was part of "the fortress" exclaimed, "I hate you."

In other news I recieved the Russian flags I ordered in the mail and am going to fly one over the fortress. Americans are welcome to do the same - our tent is diverse, we need to recognize this :)

(Tim Lin) - 17:10
It's so cold right now. I'm typing with one finger. Because it's really cold. I type capital letters by pressing caps lock. Because Shift requires more than one finger. Brr...We are done with Black Tenting now and setting up our actual tent to get ready for Blue Tenting. I can't wait to laugh at the little girls who think it will be hard. The Fortress has had another major revamp. It's so cool now. Last night, Jonathan found a giant piece of metal and hammered it a foot deep into the ground with a giant rock. And we now have a flag. Amazing. I'm so ready for Blue Tenting. Bring it on. I also learned from Laura Ezell that Kyle Singler's girlfriend is following our blog. Oh snap. That's intense.

(Robert Francis)-18:00
So we set up our actual tent today (though there is debate as to whether we will actually USE it). It was most chilly and K-Ville was all aflutter with activity. My mom brought a tent from home when she came to visit. (Thanks MOM!) I had no idea that we possessed this tent and cannot recall ever using it, but alas! It is a great size and color anyway. (It matches my jacket perfectly). We started setting it up and putting all the poles and whatnots into their correct locations. It took us approximately a million (or 5) tries to get the rain fly on the tent correctly. But it was SO cold that everything was harder. K-Ville angels once more brought The Fortress food! Pasta this time, from the gril's Basketball team. It was very yummy. The fortress and the tent are all set up now. See the pictures below.

an artsy shot of us tying off the tarp to Jonathan's indestructible pole.

Tent teams and Tarp Teams both working diligently.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"You'll never get to sleep with Michael" ~Laura
"Damn it!" ~Hannah

"We should probably cut off her legs." ~Robert
"Funny story about that..."~ Hannah

"Brandon! Go to Shooters!! We can lose our [Shooter's] virginity together!!" ~Hannah Smith

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 1/28

(Tim Lin) - 00:41
It's Thursday!! I'm just writing here. So I can start the post. Because Lewis wanted to blog. But now I blogged first. So there.

(Lewis Purcell) - 00:42
Where should I begin. It all begins with a писат надо - every time at Duke I go to pee I find something new and valuable. Last semester I saved Nick's life with a ladder I found behind a shed. Yesterday I found cardboard for our tent's patio. Today = I GOT ZOUBEK'S SIGNATURE! It was so epic. I ran up to him and pulled a notebook out of my backpack and had him sign it. I told him He was my favorite of all the basketball players and he said he greatly appreciated it - TO ME!!! And then I said he played well tonight and shook his hand. I will never ever wash my hand again!

(Robert Francis)- 01:00
It is important to note that last night there was singing. LOTS of singing. Tim Lin and Laura Ezell led the tent in a rambunctious rendition of many Disney favorites. Amog the ones I recall were "I'll Make a Man Out of You"-Mulan, "Belle"-Beauty and the Beast, "Part of Your World"- The Little Mermaid, "You've got a Friend in Me"-Toy Story, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"-The Lion King and more! It was loud and shameless. I don't know how it even happened...

(Jonathan) - 01:02
On The Maintenance Of Liner Locks ---- Don't throw them in the ocean.
Also, some random girl just walked by with a box of pizza and gave it to the tent. I think she was an angel.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 09:53
I have never felt like a drug addict until this morning. Approximately five minutes ago I found myself secretly downing a '5 Hour Energy' shot in the bathroom of the Div School before class, so that I wouldn't fall asleep again. It's not even 10am. This is so sad.

(Tim Lin) - 10:19
I'm hungry. We are so eating Michael Gay tonight. Like Lady Gaga said, "He ate my heart and then he ate my brain."

(Robert Francis) -11:35
In the tent for my second shift. It was awkward. I got up at seven. Slept til 8, came to my first shift at 9, dawdled from 10-11 and now am in my second shift. I could have been sleeping this whole time. I have no class. Ugh. But now my mom is coming to take me to lunch and target so yay!

(Laura Ezell) - 12:11
My first blogging post. I feel so proud. Last night was epic, as always, made even more so by Tim and my singing every single word to Disney songs late at night. Please ignore all references to "loud," "obnoxious," or "off-key," as these are clearly expressions of jealousy by the others in the tent. Only one tent check made the night even better. 5 down, 2 to go!
I find that each night I learn a little more about my fellow tent-mates. If you see Hannah Smith, please ask her about Pokémon. I would explain further, but it's just not my story to tell. Bottom line, you never really know a person until you spend a night huddled together for warmth under a tarp.
This morning, when my shift ended, I headed for the C1 as always, barely awake and in desperate need of coffee/heat. As I disembarked, bundled by jackets and benumbed by the cold, what should await my at the east campus bus stop but women offering free hot chocolate. See earlier reference to the Kville angels who give us free food when we most need it. They're very real, and deserve extreme gratitude.

(Lewis Purcell) -12:26
At my job - not near the tent. Felt that Nick and I had a confession to make - after the tent check at 1:45 we visited Jenny for a condensed meals with Jenny session - it was fun. We came back to the parking lot of K-ville. It was too warm in the car (Nick has heat seaters) so we couldn't get ourselves out of the car - we talked till six. It was very epic - yet another tent bonding experience. We slept till 7 then Nick drove everyone who wanted to go back to East. I set an alarm for 10 (Swimming was at 10:30) but woke up at 11:08 when my room mate came in - its fine though cuz you're allowed to miss 6 classes and our teacher didn't show up so it didn't even count as a miss. Well - our tent life continues - I've got an excellent idea for what I want Zoubek to sign next AND i loved our sing-a-long lastnight!

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 12:48
The rumors have been confirmed. I AM being stalked by the basketball team. I saw Miles while I was reading by the tent, and Nolan and Seth walked by me on my way to the C-1. I have almost seen the entire team today! I probably won't be surprised when I walk back to my dorm and see Coach K waiting for me.

I just learned how to post on this. No one told me because they were jealous of my relationship with the basketball team. The weather is gorgeous. I am still working to put up propaganda throughout the tent in order to call our tent "Cameron's Crazies."

To quote the Big Bang Theory, "The physics is theoretical, but the fun is real."

That is all.

(Laura Ezell) - 13:12
I sure hope we don't have a tent check right now. It's Cameron and my shift. And while 3 minutes ago we were both here, there was a Kyle Singler sighting. And Cameron left to go stalk him. Creepy? Somewhat. Detrimental to the tent? I sure hope not. Successful? We'll have to wait and see.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 13:14
I just had a Lance Thomas sighting! I was in the queue at McDonalds and he was behind me. He was HUGE (I mean in terms of being tall). I *think* he ordered a number 8 on the menu, he chose spicy sauce over Barbeque and got a bottle of water. He seemed like he was very tired and/or in a bad mood.
I'm such a freak for remembering all this.

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 13:22
I would just like to kill the rumors that I stalked Kyle Singler. Laura and Maggie dared me to follow him into Wilson; I needed to get my W2, so I did. Plus, I am too much of a man to ever live down a dare. While inside, I saw Kyle y su novia high-five. She is the receptionist for the office where I got my W2. I also saw Jon, Lance, and Brian come out of Cameron in succession while having lunch w/ Stephen and Brendan. Contrary to popular belief, I feel that the basketball team may be stalking me.

(Robert Francis) -14:42
I would like to beat all of you. I just saw Scheyer AND Zoubek within 5 minutes each other while sitting in a car in the parking lot with my mom, Scheyer walked in front of our car and I was like...WHAT?!?! Not least of all because I recognized a basketball player. Then I saw an obscenely tall person like 2 minutes later and I was that who I think it is? And it WAS. And it was also awesome. I think they were coming from a class so now I know exactly where to stalk them every week. Ha! Take that everyone!

I would also like to point out the weirdness that we all just saw all of these players so near each other...creepy...

(Jonathan) - 19:29
The OTHER rumors have also been confirmed. Someone deleted my earlier post, and, oh, wow are they going to pay. This is the part of the story where the faithful crew finds out whether line monitors really DO give permanent grace when a tent member dies. Oh, well, at least we have a waiting list.

(Tim Lin) - 22:37
I have edited the description of the video to say that although the video says that Hannah is the Pop Star, her new title is "Pokemaster." Ask her why that is. Also, the Crazy Towel Guy just signed my towel. And he shook my hand. That brings my total of "Duke/Sports Icons Who's Hands I Have Shaken During Our Tenting Adventures" (or DSIWHIHSDOTA, for short) to 3.

(Esther Showalter) - 23:15
What once was is now no more. The old has passed away, the new is here. The Fortress is reborn . Out of dust and ashes, like a brown-and-blue-and-green phoenix, it rears it's majestic frame...yeah. Earlier this evening Nick and Jake moved the tent to the corner of K-ville that's right next to Cameron Stadium, so no matter what number we actually get in line everyone who walks by will assume we're number 1. Then after Jonathan and I started our shift and we decided to find a way to attach a third tarp that my mom sent us onto a side of the Fortress. Sorry, The Fortress. After lots of thinking and comparing, Jonathan ran off into the woods in search of some sort of solid stick to attach the tarp to. And came back with an actual sign post. I'll take his word for it that he found it in the dumpster outside MacDonalds. The broken sign on it says:
"This lot for LSRC visitors only. Parking pass required. Gate phone access available 7:0am - 5:00 pm Mon. - Fri. Vendors/Deliveries use loading dock entrance."

Jonathan, in a manner that can only be described as epic, pounded this self-same sign post a foot into the frozen ground using only a rock from a nearby drainage outlet. Rest assured, pictures are coming. We tied more ropes to the sign post and staked the third tarp over that rope, easily increasing The Fortress's volume by a factor of approximately 1.6534 (plus or minus .1). But wait, there's more. The extra three feet of sign post sticking up into the air begged adornment. The Fortress now has a Flag, officially known as The Flag of The Fortress. Upon the Flag of The Fortress is engraved, with duct tape on plastic, "The Fortress". On the reverse, Michael is currently enscribing "Nolan's Nest".
Cameron just came back from refereeing a soccer match. He told us that, walking back, his supervisor had asked "whose is that tent with the gay white flag on it?" Come back in a week, Cameron's Supervisor. We'll see who is laughing then.
People should all be coming soon, it's almost midnight. Now I have 6 math proofs to wring out, 10 Chinese characters to memorize, 1 Stat problem over which I can confound myself. Good thing sleep is an optional thing in K-ville (or as I call it in my head, Krizzerwoosky-Ville). This one's for you, Fortress.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"Do you remember how last night I woke up and everyone was singing?"~Robert
"Yeah...wierd things happened last night."~Hannah

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday 1/27

(Robert Francis)- 05:18
Captain's log, day 347. I do not remember time before this...we've been stuck here for too long. We lost Michael yesterday, it was a deep moral blow for the crew. On the positive side some food washed ashore yesterday and provided us with a great feast. We have begun to form a primitive tent government. While many of us have opted for a lemur democracy Michael claimed there was need for a michaelocracy. Fortunately this is no longer an issue... Hannah has caught some sort of tent fever and will no doubt lose her mind in addition to her voice. It's only a matter of time. She has been quarantined to a "very cold" and "very scary" cave. On the plus side I slept well. Two tent checks at 2 and 5 am. I've forgotten the taste of water and the sound of joy...but all is not lost.

(Lewis Purcell) -08:33
I am sitting in the sunlight on a bench not far from our tent. My computer is frozen and my skin tends to stick to it. Today is the 66th anniversary of the end of the fascist blockade of Leningrad (St.Petersburg) in which 1.5 million people died - it's a holiday I am very proud of. Tonight I hope to celebrate with some fireworks. Anyways back to the tent - I think my friends in St. Pete would be glad I slept in a tent with an air raid siren - that went off at 2 and 5 in the morning - it would make them think i was commemorating what it was like to live during the blockade. I think Claire made a good point last night - WHO WOULD LEAVE THE TENT AT 5 in the morning ANYWAYS?!? WHY ARE THEY CHECKING US THEN?!?

(Tim Lin) - 09:39
The line monitors are trying to kill us. Tent checks at 2 and 5 are almost the stupidest things ever. That's ok. I just woke up. I actually slept ok last night. Lewis is seeing sparkles from the corners of his eyes. I think he's going mad. We're all probably going mad. I wonder how far we can keep going before we all die. We're still eating Michael Gay first. And to end on a random note, I found out yesterday that Dragonforce uses the phrase "So far away" in no fewer than 7 of their songs. "Oceans collide inside of us all," but it's ok. We will carry on "through the fire and flames." Or in this case, the freezing weather. I guess that we would kinda be "inside the winter storm."

(Claire McIlvenny) - 10.34
I agree with Tim, the line monitors are clearly enjoying our suffering. I could understand the tent check at 2am, and my new position on an air mattress was quite comfortable. But ANOTHER TENT CHECK AT 5.00 AM? COME ON! It was really rather unnecessary - why would ANYONE have left at 5am? That makes NO sense. AND THEN they had THE NERVE to tell us we had grace for an hour! AT FIVE IN THE MORNING! The nerve...
Evidently black tenting is getting to me, illustrated by the capitalization of several words in this post. My shift started at 9am and goes until 2.30pm, when I go to class. I genuinely hope I survive that long. It's about 40 degrees outside (a.k.a. about 5 celsius). I can't feel my feet anymore and my hands are starting to go to. Luckily I haven't gotten to the stage Lewis is at where he is seeing sparkles out of the corner of his eyes... that can only mean imminent death.
On the plus side, however, I am enjoying listening to the tent say vitamins in an English accent now - Vit - a - mins rather than Vye - ta- mins after our mass drug consumption last night. It's comforting :)

We are also going to make Youtube videos of:
1. Everyone Tickling Cameron
2. Michael's Death

(Tim Lin) - 11:28
I was walking back to the tent for my shift. There were fat people making fun of our tarp design. They were mocking the fact that our tarps were so low to the ground. What a bunch of losers. It should be pretty obvious that a lower tarp traps in heat. I hope they black tent next year with a tarp 30 feet off the ground. We'll see who's laughing then!!

(Jonathan) - 11:30
The tarp is peaceful... I didn't even have to be here today, but I somehow ended up over here anyway. Oh, wait, that was because I left my planner here (my precious....) and I needed it because the dirty thugs of corporate america have enslaved my unsuspecting time-management skills to their evil designs. I mean, for real, it's an evil conspiracy.... Obama, listen up: exchange the failing WAR ON DRUGS for new, more righteous struggle: a desperately-needed WAR ON DAYTIMERS!!! Oh, well, at least the tarp has apple chips.

(Tim Lin) - 13:00
A cameraman came by with a stupid girl. She was trying to sound professional while they were filming stuff about black tenting, but she just sounded stupidly fake. Then they filmed some people who were just waiting in line for the basketball game. These stupid people weren't even tenting, but in this scripted interview, they just told them to pretend like they were. That's not even the worst part. The worst part is that they used OUR tent as the backdrop for their interview. These losers were standing right outside our tent, filming a bunch of non-tenting morons and trying to sound professional. What. The. Heck. I am absolutely livid. It's not like they didn't know we were in the tent either. I entered/left the tent multiple times while they were doing that to throw stuff away. I'm going to call her Shaphriqua to protect her privacy. I hate you Shaphriqua. You and your stupid cameraman. Go dig yourself a hole, jump in the hole, shave your back, get lipo for your morbidly obese self, implode, spontaneously combust, and die. In that order. Because you'll never grow up to be anything more than the less-than-mediocre reporter you are. You're so fat that every time you go to the beach, the tide comes in. You're so ugly that you turned Medusa to stone. You're so stupid that you got run over by a parked car. If you had a brain cell, it would die of loneliness. Nobody likes you. You have no friends. Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries. In the words of Regina George, "Boo you whore."

(Claire McIlvenny) - 13:25
HAHAHAHAHAHA to Tim, he had the best quote of all today.
Upon hearing "Shaphriqua" finish her TV interview, Tim yells across K-Ville:


In other news, Hannah and I are sitting in the text, NEXT TO the imposters who were on TV as they queue for tonight.... I couldn't leave the tent for lunch so I'm eating a high protein 'Power Crunch' bar from Wilson Gym. Yum...

Hahahaha Tim is so angry, I wish everyone could have seen it.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 13:47
I just opened Jonathan's knife out of interest. Now I can't close it. Hannah doesn't know how to either. So...err.. yeah. Watch out.

(Lewis Purcell) - 14:26
Don't know why I'm in the tent, not my shift. I failed a Russian test today - have to organize my life! I was going to stand in line now for the game at 9 but decided to just walk up at 9; can't give that much time to such an unimportant obvious win like tonight. Annoyed.

(Robert Francis) - 14:40
The only thing that could make this blog more awesome would be if Laura, Nick, Hannah, and Brandon started using it! There are more than four people in our group! Shame on all! And also please notice the quotes of the day section that has been added to Mon. and Tues.

(Tim Lin) - 16:38
I just noticed that Claire misquoted me. I actually told her to "go die" rather than "kill herself." At least, I think I said that. And I'm not sure what the "A..." is, but I definitely did not say what that implies. That is all. Now I must finish my homework so I can marketplace it up before lining up for the game.

(Robert Francis)- 17:21
Just found out that the game is during Spring Break. This is incredibly lame and makes Robert unhappy.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 18:44
Tim is most definitely in denial. I am 95% sure he explicitly said Shaphriqua should "kill herself". Nevermind, as long as some kind of death is involved.

I am extremely sunburnt/windburnt on my face today and I don't understand. I only sat outside for 20 minutes. Sara Adam (on being told this news/seeing my face) - "Claire, you're so English".
Yes, yes I am.

(Esther Showalter) - 20:50
I hate to interrupt the lovely Shaphriqua-rant, I really do, but I want to tell everyone an important fact. When we started tenting I had misplaced my old sneakers. That's ok, I told myself, I'll just wear my newer sneakers for now until I find the old ones. Rain all night? No problem, I'll be under a tarp the whole time. Little did I know. Thanks to line monitors who insist on ridiculous formalities like "tent checks" (very creative and original name, people), I now have two pairs of old sneakers.
That is all.

(Tim Lin) - 23:58
I shook Dick Vitale and the Blue Devil's hand during the game. Good fortune is upon us.

And regarding Jonathan's post, tl;dr.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"Who's in this sleeping bag?" ~Brandon Semel
"It's me!" ~Laura Ezell
"Oh. I thought you were a guy. I was about to throw myself on you." ~Brandon Semel

"I can still smell the lipstick in his breath." ~Lewis Purcell

"Tim and Hannah should get married." ~Laura Ezell
"I can't do that! She's a girl!" ~Tim Lin

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday 1/26

(Robert Francis)- 06:50
I hate my life. I have been here, in our tent, waiting for 07:00 for 6 hours. The evening began with fun talking and joking...if you know what I mean. I began the evening comfortably on an air mattress. After our first tent check I willingly volunteered to sleep in what is known as 'the crack'. This treacherous place between two air mattresses results in an uncomfortable position all night. However after our second check. The air mattress contain Laura, Claire, and myself deflated. We have spent the whole night on the hard, COLD ground.At 7 everyone will get up and I can seize there places. And so I wait... biding my time.

Visitors! (and avid blogfollowers) Maggie and Elyn!

(Robert Francis)- 07:15
No one got up at 7. I think my and Laura's feelings were best captured by the quote "it made me want to tear [Michael's] heart out with my teeth." ~myself. So, at about 7:10 I looked at Laura and our decision as made. We pleasantly but rudely said that everyone needed to leave because we would soon lose our minds. Laura, "We love you all...but you need to leave. Now." Thankfully it worked.

(Tim Lin) - 10:22
3 nights down. 4 to go. We are so going to dominate. Last night was filled with...jokes,
The Princess Bride, and...other stuff that I'm not going to talk about. That stuff stays in the tent. My video of the first night is almost done. It should be uploaded soon. I'll finish that when I can. Yeah. That's it for now. Peace out.

(Brandon Semel) - 10:37
It's quiet. Too quiet. Robert is fast asleep and all that can be heard is the rustling of the tarp and vehicles on the nearby road. All was once quiet on the Western Front, but everyone knows that was just the deep breath before the plunge... Now where is the nearest e-print?

(Claire McIlvenny) - 10:42
I was not in the tent at this time. I was in my Reformation of the 16th century class. Part of the course description reads: 'In fact, if you oversleep, did not get enough sleep, fight with falling asleep during class, I prefer that you do not come to class.'

I fell asleep in class today. There were 12 people in the class. I was sitting in the front row, opposite the Professor. These are my normal notes from the class (i.e. nice, neat) :

These are my notes from class today:

To see how bad these notes are, you will have to see them in person.

And people say tenting affects your grades.... I have no idea what they are talking about.

(Lewis Purcell) -13:01
Not in the tent. Cameron and I just swam, thought we were going to drown - the cold last night sucked out all our energy - we had to eat 2 gyros just to have the energy to leave the Marketplace.

(Robert Francis)- 13:15
My 6 hour shift is over. Yes!!!! I slept for 3 hrs, did homework, drank a smoothie and completed my first day-time tent check. Very exciting.

(Tim Lin) - 13:56
Back in the tent for my second shift of the day. I still haven't been through a daytime tent check yet. I wonder when that will happen. I expect them to happen more often as the week comes to an end, but I'm also in the tent less during that time. I'm just talking to myself right now. I have some homework with me, but I don't really feel like doing it. I think I'm going to listen to some Dragonforce right now. Just remember, "Believe who we are / The phoenix will guide us / Freedom will rise once again!!" *cue epic guitar solo*

(Tim Lin) - 15:09

Because of Youtube's stupid copyright paranoia, my video is now banned in Germany. That is all.

(Tim Lin) - 17:36
The stupid countdown thing at the top is being really stupid. It keeps resetting to zero. Just know that 39 days from 21:00 today, UNC's domination will begin.

(Esther Showalter) - 22:31
I'm wearing 4 pairs of socks. Take that, weather!

(Robert Francis) -22:38
Glory has shown down upon us! We are currently eating leftovers from the basketball teams Cook Out food! Yay! They asked us if we wanted food and then gave it to us ahhhhhH!

(Tim Lin) - 22:44
JON SCHEYER JUST GAVE US THE REMAINS OF THE BASKETBALL TEAM'S FEAST!! Now, all we need to do is find some healthy ova, and we can make clones of the basketball team!! Just kidding. It was only one of the team managers that gave us food. BUT STILL!! WE CAN MAKE POTENTIAL SCHEYER/SMITH/PLUMLEE/ SINGLER/THOMAS/ZOUBEK/DAWKINS/ KELLY/DAVIDSON/ JOHNSON/PETERS BABIES!!

(Tim Lin) - 23:13
The girls are trying to get us guys to go to Shooter's on Friday. That is a futile attempt. The guys have man time with our own group, Mu Alpha Nu. So much better than whatever sorority event these females are trying to recruit us to. Mu Alpha Nu > Alpha Delta Pi any day.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"Who wants to play a game with me?"~ Michael Gay
"Only if we SPOON!" ~Hannah Smith

"I think this whole thing has brought us all a lot know physically." ~Laura Ezell

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 1/25

(Claire McIlvenny) – 00:00
The tent is caressing my foot…and I don’t like it.

(Robert Francis)-00:45
At this point sleep seems futile. I fell asleep before 10, but was awoken by wind at about 10:45. My exact thoughts as I slumbered were: "Hmm, that noise is getting really loud. Wow, I really can't hear anything that's happening in this dream. Ah". And with that I was sucked back into reality. It felt EXACTLY like I imagine coming out of the Matrix is like.

(Robert Francis)-01:00
After a tent check. We attempted to fit all 12 of us into the tent for about 2 hrs. And then just as we were drifting into the world of dreams. Sirens blared and tents were checked. However, the Lord's favor shown upon us as we were granted grace for the evening due to tornado conditions. Hallelujah! We rejoiced and sprinted to the bus. Unfortunately, only Laura, Hannah, Claire, Michael and I made the last bus. The rest were left on West to perish.

(Lewis Purcell) -08:40
Last night the winds were strong but our tent – the best of all the tarp-tent structures out there resisted the wind and rain well. There was a tent check at about 01:00 and during the check the line monitors found out that there was a tornado watch. We were given grace till 08:00. General Note: Esther needs to be kept quite at night – when we were all talking she was asleep = kept us all up!

(Claire McIlvenny) – 10:20
Tim and I are in the tent. Jonathan was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago to take my place. However, he overslept and is making his way over here now. I don’t mind at all because my class is not for another hour, I just thought we should take the opportunity to officially name and shame Jonathan as the first person to oversleep. That is all.

(Claire McIlvenny) – 13:20
I’m not actually in the tent, but Lewis has just missed Plaza Monday. Elyn wept.

(Tim Lin)-14:30
Robert, Lewis, and I just spelled the name of our tent on the side of the tent. I took a picture of it, but my computer ran out of battery power so I can't upload it. I'm on Lewis' laptop right now, but for some reason, my camera's SD card isn't fitting into the slot. Maybe Jonathan's computer will work. Our tent is now "The Fortress." Because it withstood a tornado. Everybody wishes their tents were as cool as ours. I notice that two of the tents are now in new locations. One of the tents is actually still not fully recovered (Read: Still destroyed) from the winds last night. The other one moved to a different area which apparently will become the slums of K-ville. The worst is over. We are so totally going to prevail. Now, I'm going to go find Jonathan to use his computer. Maybe I'll have better luck there. Peace out.

(Robert Francis)- 14:38
Tim Lin and I just duct taped 'The Fortress' onto the side of our tarp in an epic font. We are cool.

(Lewis Purcell) -16:20
Singler just walked by carrying some protein powder. Mason walked by earlier.

(Tim Lin) -20:02
Lewis and I were trying to figure out whether to buy an actual tent or not for when Blue/White Tenting starts. It's probably going to be at least another $100 which would probably be about $8-9 more per person. Which may be a lot of money. So...we decided that there's going to be a Jammie party. Last man standing gets to decide. But then again, last man standing is also the only person alive...

(Esther Showalter) -17:30
Some pictures are up! Be awed and amazed at our ingenuity with tarps!

(Lewis Purcell) -20:40
Tim and I are alone in the dark abyss. The noise of flapping tarps fills our air. When you actually exit the tent its so strange to find the whole world out there - oblivious to the noise of tarps/wind. I have some kind of headache and am waiting till i take a nap to do my work - i have been waiting all day - its probably not a good strategy - won't get any work done. I am on the only air mattress that actually keeps all of your body off the ground. The other tents are trying rather unsuccessfully to set up for the night.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"So a man walks into a bar..." ~Tim Lin
"Ouch."~Claire McIlvenny

"Let's watch the Princess Bride!"~Laura Ezell
"I have it on my laptop! We can literaly be watching it in under a minute!"~Nick Bodnar

"I have an idea...!"~Lewis Purcell
"No."~Robert Francis

Sunday 1/24

(Robert Francis)- 0:00
Cameron, Nick, Brandon, and Tim were the first to arrive. Lewis and I showed up and we started to build the tarp/tent. Lewis ceremonially “anointed” Wilson. After cementing the triangular PVC together, Brandon ran away chasing an owl. Things are going well... Michael arrived with the hammer and construction has begun. They have now staked the first angular base piece into the ground (0:16). A great victory. We are the third tent being constructed and as of yet, no more have appeared. As Brandon stated, if these are the only tents to show up we will be "pleasantly disappointed". Jonathan arrived (0:24).

(Cameron Oswalt)-0:27
... Jonathan is already TOO LOUD. He has been stripped of talking privileges at night for the sanity of the whole tent.

(Jake Purcell) -0:52
We have decided to be a utopia – we are all comrades or tovarishes. I am tovarish captain. Three girls arrived – Claire, Hannah and Esther.

(Robert Francis) -0:57
A philosophical note on the difference between males and females. The females have already begun to form “cliques” within the tent. (Excluding Esther). They have removed themselves from our presence and are watching as the men (and Esther) build. The faction has already begun to cause an irreparable tension within the group. Oh, btw the tarp is up.(1:00)I am cold and hungry.

(Tim Lin) -01:36
I have no idea what's happening right now. And I'm kinda craving some McDonalds. Brandon just came up with a brilliant idea. The green tarp goes on diagonally. Oh man. I really this works. We are praying for sunny days ahead. Hopefully these rain precautions won't need to be tested =/ Somebody needs to go get a giant box of chicken nuggets right now. My fingers are too cold to type anymore. Peace out.

(Michael Gay) –02:43
The basketball team walked back after getting in from the Clemson game just in time to see our “tent” being finalized. This is going to be freaking awesome. I still vote “Nolan's Nest” for tent name.

(Tim Lin) -02:44
Alright. McDonald's is amazing. Tent name is being decided. I think if we happen to be #2, we can be “Nolan's Nest.” If #5, we can be “Mason's Mansion/Manor/Motel.” Otherwise, I vote “The Fortress.” Lewis and I are going to tape that onto the side of our tent in the morning.

(Cameron Oswalt) -02:48
I motioned to name the tent “Cameron's Crazies” in honor of myself. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, the rest of the tent was not on board. Jonathan is currently peeing in plain sight and staring at me with a creepy stare. I'm shocked and scared. It was nice to see the basketball team walk by as we laboriously constructed our tent. I feel they appreciated our hard work. Besos y Abrazos.

(Robert Francis)-18:00
As I arrived Cameron, Lewis and Michael were putting the finishing touches on rain-proofing our fortress. There are officially 6 black tents besides ours...for now. Michael and I proceeded to take our shift choosing to spend it peering through the gap on the side of our tent and laughing at the misfortune of other groups as there tents all but leave the ground in this rain and wind. I am here for 13 more hours…no end in sight…it’s getting cold.

(Claire McIlvenny)-19:00
Arrived at the tent for my first real shift. It is raining, but miraculously our “tarp-tent” is holding up. In fact, Jeff Reid commented that our tent clearly was the best out of the other fake imitations of tents here in K-Ville. Robert and I are now holding the fort. Whilst Robert is studiously doing homework, I am spending my first real shift catching up on the important things – going on Facebook, and reading

(Robert Francis)-19:48
Let it be noted for the record that homework can be done in the tent. Even if it’s math.

(Claire McIlvenny) – 19:50
No more Math for Robert. We just succumbed to cannibalism.

Yay Tenting

(Tim Lin)

So I finally got around to making a blog for our tent. Lewis has already been documenting stuff on his computer, but nobody uploaded it yet. So here this is. Yay tenting!!