Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 1/25

(Claire McIlvenny) – 00:00
The tent is caressing my foot…and I don’t like it.

(Robert Francis)-00:45
At this point sleep seems futile. I fell asleep before 10, but was awoken by wind at about 10:45. My exact thoughts as I slumbered were: "Hmm, that noise is getting really loud. Wow, I really can't hear anything that's happening in this dream. Ah". And with that I was sucked back into reality. It felt EXACTLY like I imagine coming out of the Matrix is like.

(Robert Francis)-01:00
After a tent check. We attempted to fit all 12 of us into the tent for about 2 hrs. And then just as we were drifting into the world of dreams. Sirens blared and tents were checked. However, the Lord's favor shown upon us as we were granted grace for the evening due to tornado conditions. Hallelujah! We rejoiced and sprinted to the bus. Unfortunately, only Laura, Hannah, Claire, Michael and I made the last bus. The rest were left on West to perish.

(Lewis Purcell) -08:40
Last night the winds were strong but our tent – the best of all the tarp-tent structures out there resisted the wind and rain well. There was a tent check at about 01:00 and during the check the line monitors found out that there was a tornado watch. We were given grace till 08:00. General Note: Esther needs to be kept quite at night – when we were all talking she was asleep = kept us all up!

(Claire McIlvenny) – 10:20
Tim and I are in the tent. Jonathan was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago to take my place. However, he overslept and is making his way over here now. I don’t mind at all because my class is not for another hour, I just thought we should take the opportunity to officially name and shame Jonathan as the first person to oversleep. That is all.

(Claire McIlvenny) – 13:20
I’m not actually in the tent, but Lewis has just missed Plaza Monday. Elyn wept.

(Tim Lin)-14:30
Robert, Lewis, and I just spelled the name of our tent on the side of the tent. I took a picture of it, but my computer ran out of battery power so I can't upload it. I'm on Lewis' laptop right now, but for some reason, my camera's SD card isn't fitting into the slot. Maybe Jonathan's computer will work. Our tent is now "The Fortress." Because it withstood a tornado. Everybody wishes their tents were as cool as ours. I notice that two of the tents are now in new locations. One of the tents is actually still not fully recovered (Read: Still destroyed) from the winds last night. The other one moved to a different area which apparently will become the slums of K-ville. The worst is over. We are so totally going to prevail. Now, I'm going to go find Jonathan to use his computer. Maybe I'll have better luck there. Peace out.

(Robert Francis)- 14:38
Tim Lin and I just duct taped 'The Fortress' onto the side of our tarp in an epic font. We are cool.

(Lewis Purcell) -16:20
Singler just walked by carrying some protein powder. Mason walked by earlier.

(Tim Lin) -20:02
Lewis and I were trying to figure out whether to buy an actual tent or not for when Blue/White Tenting starts. It's probably going to be at least another $100 which would probably be about $8-9 more per person. Which may be a lot of money. So...we decided that there's going to be a Jammie party. Last man standing gets to decide. But then again, last man standing is also the only person alive...

(Esther Showalter) -17:30
Some pictures are up! Be awed and amazed at our ingenuity with tarps!

(Lewis Purcell) -20:40
Tim and I are alone in the dark abyss. The noise of flapping tarps fills our air. When you actually exit the tent its so strange to find the whole world out there - oblivious to the noise of tarps/wind. I have some kind of headache and am waiting till i take a nap to do my work - i have been waiting all day - its probably not a good strategy - won't get any work done. I am on the only air mattress that actually keeps all of your body off the ground. The other tents are trying rather unsuccessfully to set up for the night.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"So a man walks into a bar..." ~Tim Lin
"Ouch."~Claire McIlvenny

"Let's watch the Princess Bride!"~Laura Ezell
"I have it on my laptop! We can literaly be watching it in under a minute!"~Nick Bodnar

"I have an idea...!"~Lewis Purcell
"No."~Robert Francis

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