Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday 1/30

(Tim Lin) - 00:00 hrs
Earlier today (yesterday, I guess), it snowed. I was so excited. This is the first time it's snowed where I lived. Yeah. K-Ville is now fully tented up and it's like a winter wonderland. Snowball fights inevitably ensue. Yeah.

In other news, the dirt sheet is in. Part 1 of 3 is now complete. I have to learn everything I can about Duke basketball from 1985 - 1990 before 7 PM today. And I hope this secret spot isn't so secretive that I can't find it. I hardly know anything about Duke's campus besides the buildings in which I have class =/

(Tim Lin) - 22:55 hrs
I guess nobody decided to update on today. Well, anyways...

Duke basketball lost to Georgetown today. It was terrible. We played like poop. We really need to start getting things together...

At 16:00, we met in Perkins to figure out the "Dash to the Secret Spot" stuff. The secret spot happened to be in Cameron Indoor Stadium. I thought that was kinda stupid. Everybody knows where that is. It should have been somewhere obscure that nobody knows about. Like the Phytotron building. That would have been awesome. Anyways, Esther was stationed around there. She was basically the first person into Cameron, but she couldn't find Zach White (head line monitor). It's not really her fault either. He was hiding in the stands. We ended up being #23 out of everybody. Which translates to #5 out of the black tenters. Not the best =/

Then, we found out the snow from last night/today destroyed our tent. But the Fortress is still alive somehow. I think we should just go with the Fortress and not bother with an actual tent. We decided not to set it back up in case it snows again. And we have grace until at least Monday morning. So setting it up isn't that urgent.

Then there was some tent drama. Which I will purposely keep very vague. If someone else wants to explain, then that's up to them.

Trivia night. We knew...not very many of the questions. And even though they didn't say we couldn't use a cheat sheet (they only said no cell phones and computers), they didn't let us use our cheat sheets. So I was basically sitting on at least 4 answers that I couldn't look at. Lame. O well. Team Fortress is still the best.

Yeah. I'm actually in my room right now. We probably won't be back in the tent until Monday or so. To all those who follow us, don't expect too many updates. Not much tent-related stuff will happen.

In other news, apparently, it's supposed to snow a half inch twice a year in North Carolina. Or something like that. There is definitely at least 5 inches of snow that appeared overnight. This is crazy. I have no snow-friendly clothes. I may need to invest in some soon, but I don't think snow will be here for too much longer. Although some gloves might be a good idea...Anyways, I peed in the snow for the first time in my life today. There is now a yellow spiral on the ground. Yes, I peed in a spiral. If you live in Edens, you might find it.

Also, according to the poll, I am apparently going to marry Hannah. I find this especially amusing, considering my disbelief in the existence of female entities.

Yeah, that's it for now. To all my Asian (Chinese) friends out there, ping an chu qu.

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  1. Hey,all you Fortress Dwellers

    Keep warm,stay strong,all pull together and have fun