Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 1/28

(Tim Lin) - 00:41
It's Thursday!! I'm just writing here. So I can start the post. Because Lewis wanted to blog. But now I blogged first. So there.

(Lewis Purcell) - 00:42
Where should I begin. It all begins with a писат надо - every time at Duke I go to pee I find something new and valuable. Last semester I saved Nick's life with a ladder I found behind a shed. Yesterday I found cardboard for our tent's patio. Today = I GOT ZOUBEK'S SIGNATURE! It was so epic. I ran up to him and pulled a notebook out of my backpack and had him sign it. I told him He was my favorite of all the basketball players and he said he greatly appreciated it - TO ME!!! And then I said he played well tonight and shook his hand. I will never ever wash my hand again!

(Robert Francis)- 01:00
It is important to note that last night there was singing. LOTS of singing. Tim Lin and Laura Ezell led the tent in a rambunctious rendition of many Disney favorites. Amog the ones I recall were "I'll Make a Man Out of You"-Mulan, "Belle"-Beauty and the Beast, "Part of Your World"- The Little Mermaid, "You've got a Friend in Me"-Toy Story, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"-The Lion King and more! It was loud and shameless. I don't know how it even happened...

(Jonathan) - 01:02
On The Maintenance Of Liner Locks ---- Don't throw them in the ocean.
Also, some random girl just walked by with a box of pizza and gave it to the tent. I think she was an angel.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 09:53
I have never felt like a drug addict until this morning. Approximately five minutes ago I found myself secretly downing a '5 Hour Energy' shot in the bathroom of the Div School before class, so that I wouldn't fall asleep again. It's not even 10am. This is so sad.

(Tim Lin) - 10:19
I'm hungry. We are so eating Michael Gay tonight. Like Lady Gaga said, "He ate my heart and then he ate my brain."

(Robert Francis) -11:35
In the tent for my second shift. It was awkward. I got up at seven. Slept til 8, came to my first shift at 9, dawdled from 10-11 and now am in my second shift. I could have been sleeping this whole time. I have no class. Ugh. But now my mom is coming to take me to lunch and target so yay!

(Laura Ezell) - 12:11
My first blogging post. I feel so proud. Last night was epic, as always, made even more so by Tim and my singing every single word to Disney songs late at night. Please ignore all references to "loud," "obnoxious," or "off-key," as these are clearly expressions of jealousy by the others in the tent. Only one tent check made the night even better. 5 down, 2 to go!
I find that each night I learn a little more about my fellow tent-mates. If you see Hannah Smith, please ask her about Pokémon. I would explain further, but it's just not my story to tell. Bottom line, you never really know a person until you spend a night huddled together for warmth under a tarp.
This morning, when my shift ended, I headed for the C1 as always, barely awake and in desperate need of coffee/heat. As I disembarked, bundled by jackets and benumbed by the cold, what should await my at the east campus bus stop but women offering free hot chocolate. See earlier reference to the Kville angels who give us free food when we most need it. They're very real, and deserve extreme gratitude.

(Lewis Purcell) -12:26
At my job - not near the tent. Felt that Nick and I had a confession to make - after the tent check at 1:45 we visited Jenny for a condensed meals with Jenny session - it was fun. We came back to the parking lot of K-ville. It was too warm in the car (Nick has heat seaters) so we couldn't get ourselves out of the car - we talked till six. It was very epic - yet another tent bonding experience. We slept till 7 then Nick drove everyone who wanted to go back to East. I set an alarm for 10 (Swimming was at 10:30) but woke up at 11:08 when my room mate came in - its fine though cuz you're allowed to miss 6 classes and our teacher didn't show up so it didn't even count as a miss. Well - our tent life continues - I've got an excellent idea for what I want Zoubek to sign next AND i loved our sing-a-long lastnight!

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 12:48
The rumors have been confirmed. I AM being stalked by the basketball team. I saw Miles while I was reading by the tent, and Nolan and Seth walked by me on my way to the C-1. I have almost seen the entire team today! I probably won't be surprised when I walk back to my dorm and see Coach K waiting for me.

I just learned how to post on this. No one told me because they were jealous of my relationship with the basketball team. The weather is gorgeous. I am still working to put up propaganda throughout the tent in order to call our tent "Cameron's Crazies."

To quote the Big Bang Theory, "The physics is theoretical, but the fun is real."

That is all.

(Laura Ezell) - 13:12
I sure hope we don't have a tent check right now. It's Cameron and my shift. And while 3 minutes ago we were both here, there was a Kyle Singler sighting. And Cameron left to go stalk him. Creepy? Somewhat. Detrimental to the tent? I sure hope not. Successful? We'll have to wait and see.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 13:14
I just had a Lance Thomas sighting! I was in the queue at McDonalds and he was behind me. He was HUGE (I mean in terms of being tall). I *think* he ordered a number 8 on the menu, he chose spicy sauce over Barbeque and got a bottle of water. He seemed like he was very tired and/or in a bad mood.
I'm such a freak for remembering all this.

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 13:22
I would just like to kill the rumors that I stalked Kyle Singler. Laura and Maggie dared me to follow him into Wilson; I needed to get my W2, so I did. Plus, I am too much of a man to ever live down a dare. While inside, I saw Kyle y su novia high-five. She is the receptionist for the office where I got my W2. I also saw Jon, Lance, and Brian come out of Cameron in succession while having lunch w/ Stephen and Brendan. Contrary to popular belief, I feel that the basketball team may be stalking me.

(Robert Francis) -14:42
I would like to beat all of you. I just saw Scheyer AND Zoubek within 5 minutes each other while sitting in a car in the parking lot with my mom, Scheyer walked in front of our car and I was like...WHAT?!?! Not least of all because I recognized a basketball player. Then I saw an obscenely tall person like 2 minutes later and I was that who I think it is? And it WAS. And it was also awesome. I think they were coming from a class so now I know exactly where to stalk them every week. Ha! Take that everyone!

I would also like to point out the weirdness that we all just saw all of these players so near each other...creepy...

(Jonathan) - 19:29
The OTHER rumors have also been confirmed. Someone deleted my earlier post, and, oh, wow are they going to pay. This is the part of the story where the faithful crew finds out whether line monitors really DO give permanent grace when a tent member dies. Oh, well, at least we have a waiting list.

(Tim Lin) - 22:37
I have edited the description of the video to say that although the video says that Hannah is the Pop Star, her new title is "Pokemaster." Ask her why that is. Also, the Crazy Towel Guy just signed my towel. And he shook my hand. That brings my total of "Duke/Sports Icons Who's Hands I Have Shaken During Our Tenting Adventures" (or DSIWHIHSDOTA, for short) to 3.

(Esther Showalter) - 23:15
What once was is now no more. The old has passed away, the new is here. The Fortress is reborn . Out of dust and ashes, like a brown-and-blue-and-green phoenix, it rears it's majestic frame...yeah. Earlier this evening Nick and Jake moved the tent to the corner of K-ville that's right next to Cameron Stadium, so no matter what number we actually get in line everyone who walks by will assume we're number 1. Then after Jonathan and I started our shift and we decided to find a way to attach a third tarp that my mom sent us onto a side of the Fortress. Sorry, The Fortress. After lots of thinking and comparing, Jonathan ran off into the woods in search of some sort of solid stick to attach the tarp to. And came back with an actual sign post. I'll take his word for it that he found it in the dumpster outside MacDonalds. The broken sign on it says:
"This lot for LSRC visitors only. Parking pass required. Gate phone access available 7:0am - 5:00 pm Mon. - Fri. Vendors/Deliveries use loading dock entrance."

Jonathan, in a manner that can only be described as epic, pounded this self-same sign post a foot into the frozen ground using only a rock from a nearby drainage outlet. Rest assured, pictures are coming. We tied more ropes to the sign post and staked the third tarp over that rope, easily increasing The Fortress's volume by a factor of approximately 1.6534 (plus or minus .1). But wait, there's more. The extra three feet of sign post sticking up into the air begged adornment. The Fortress now has a Flag, officially known as The Flag of The Fortress. Upon the Flag of The Fortress is engraved, with duct tape on plastic, "The Fortress". On the reverse, Michael is currently enscribing "Nolan's Nest".
Cameron just came back from refereeing a soccer match. He told us that, walking back, his supervisor had asked "whose is that tent with the gay white flag on it?" Come back in a week, Cameron's Supervisor. We'll see who is laughing then.
People should all be coming soon, it's almost midnight. Now I have 6 math proofs to wring out, 10 Chinese characters to memorize, 1 Stat problem over which I can confound myself. Good thing sleep is an optional thing in K-ville (or as I call it in my head, Krizzerwoosky-Ville). This one's for you, Fortress.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"Do you remember how last night I woke up and everyone was singing?"~Robert
"Yeah...wierd things happened last night."~Hannah

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  1. Note: If Brandon flunks out due to constant singing of Disney songs prohibiting him his very necessary brain cell growing sleep, you are all in trouble!! That said.... almost one week down!!