Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday 1/24

(Robert Francis)- 0:00
Cameron, Nick, Brandon, and Tim were the first to arrive. Lewis and I showed up and we started to build the tarp/tent. Lewis ceremonially “anointed” Wilson. After cementing the triangular PVC together, Brandon ran away chasing an owl. Things are going well... Michael arrived with the hammer and construction has begun. They have now staked the first angular base piece into the ground (0:16). A great victory. We are the third tent being constructed and as of yet, no more have appeared. As Brandon stated, if these are the only tents to show up we will be "pleasantly disappointed". Jonathan arrived (0:24).

(Cameron Oswalt)-0:27
... Jonathan is already TOO LOUD. He has been stripped of talking privileges at night for the sanity of the whole tent.

(Jake Purcell) -0:52
We have decided to be a utopia – we are all comrades or tovarishes. I am tovarish captain. Three girls arrived – Claire, Hannah and Esther.

(Robert Francis) -0:57
A philosophical note on the difference between males and females. The females have already begun to form “cliques” within the tent. (Excluding Esther). They have removed themselves from our presence and are watching as the men (and Esther) build. The faction has already begun to cause an irreparable tension within the group. Oh, btw the tarp is up.(1:00)I am cold and hungry.

(Tim Lin) -01:36
I have no idea what's happening right now. And I'm kinda craving some McDonalds. Brandon just came up with a brilliant idea. The green tarp goes on diagonally. Oh man. I really this works. We are praying for sunny days ahead. Hopefully these rain precautions won't need to be tested =/ Somebody needs to go get a giant box of chicken nuggets right now. My fingers are too cold to type anymore. Peace out.

(Michael Gay) –02:43
The basketball team walked back after getting in from the Clemson game just in time to see our “tent” being finalized. This is going to be freaking awesome. I still vote “Nolan's Nest” for tent name.

(Tim Lin) -02:44
Alright. McDonald's is amazing. Tent name is being decided. I think if we happen to be #2, we can be “Nolan's Nest.” If #5, we can be “Mason's Mansion/Manor/Motel.” Otherwise, I vote “The Fortress.” Lewis and I are going to tape that onto the side of our tent in the morning.

(Cameron Oswalt) -02:48
I motioned to name the tent “Cameron's Crazies” in honor of myself. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, the rest of the tent was not on board. Jonathan is currently peeing in plain sight and staring at me with a creepy stare. I'm shocked and scared. It was nice to see the basketball team walk by as we laboriously constructed our tent. I feel they appreciated our hard work. Besos y Abrazos.

(Robert Francis)-18:00
As I arrived Cameron, Lewis and Michael were putting the finishing touches on rain-proofing our fortress. There are officially 6 black tents besides ours...for now. Michael and I proceeded to take our shift choosing to spend it peering through the gap on the side of our tent and laughing at the misfortune of other groups as there tents all but leave the ground in this rain and wind. I am here for 13 more hours…no end in sight…it’s getting cold.

(Claire McIlvenny)-19:00
Arrived at the tent for my first real shift. It is raining, but miraculously our “tarp-tent” is holding up. In fact, Jeff Reid commented that our tent clearly was the best out of the other fake imitations of tents here in K-Ville. Robert and I are now holding the fort. Whilst Robert is studiously doing homework, I am spending my first real shift catching up on the important things – going on Facebook, and reading

(Robert Francis)-19:48
Let it be noted for the record that homework can be done in the tent. Even if it’s math.

(Claire McIlvenny) – 19:50
No more Math for Robert. We just succumbed to cannibalism.

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  1. This blog is awesome. I hope it doesn't taper off over the semester because I will be checking it at least once daily.

    A general theme I noticed - the basketball team SEEING/bearing witness to your tent and your sacrifice = very satisfying. Also, your tent = the best of the black tents. Which, in turn, makes it the best of the best. And, within the best tent (aka The Fortress), there is another hierarchy. Right now, for instance, Jonathan is last (being late, public urination). This is good stuff!