Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday 1/31

(Lewis Purcell) - 17:21
I am not in the tent. However I did serve communion at the chapel today and guess who came up in the line - RYAN KELLEY! Suddenly i saw this hulking tall figure over me and I looked up and saw Ryan, for a moment I thought it was Zoubek (probably would have passed out) but I was still taken aback. I stammered for a moment then remembered to say, "body of Christ, broken for you" and hand him the bread. It was epic. Later today I went to Bassett and he was just in the hallways, Andrew introduced me and I reminded him that I served him communion. Andrew's going to invite him to Bible Study. For a famous basketball player to go by himself to church on a snowy day when buses are scarce - I think that shows a lot of character. Anways, enough now. Tenting resumes tomorrow morning - still don't know what tent number we are.

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 17:39
After spending some time with our lonely tent today, Lewis and I headed to watch Robert throw down an incredible performance in Reefer Madness. My only hopes are that Robert doesn't get too into his role and start bringing mad reefers into THE FORTRESS. The heavy duty tarp is flame-resistant, but the blue tarp definitely is not, and I do not want to put my most prized possession at risk. The number of Duke followers of this blog are increasing. It seems that news of our adventures are the hottest gossip on campus. As for myself, I dearly miss the tent. After the 6+ inches of snow the other day, I have not been able to sleep in THE FORTRESS for three nights, and I am having withdrawals. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I can attest to that statement.

(Tim Lin) - 18:19
Captain My Captain has informed me via text message that we are tent #6. That means out of the 7 black tents, we got 6th. Which is kinda lame, but we'll still be in the front row, so that will still be epic. I think the performance of the actual tent structure should be considered next year. The Fortress was the only tent that did not get displaced by a storm or other external factors. The only reason it moved was because we voluntarily moved it. Everybody else's tent got completely owned. O well.

In other news, I too saw the amazing Robert "Awesome" Francis give an amazing performance. Epic. But yeah. I also agree with Cameron. No reefer allowed in the Fortress. We don't want Brandon to get addicted again. We found out today that he grew up in a reefer den. How tragic. I hope he doesn't get raped and not care, sell his babies, run over old ladies, become a pathological liar, or laugh to death. Because reefer does that to you. Remember the story of Jimmy Harper.

(Tim Lin) - 23:46
Wow. UNC just got even more annoying. Usually, when I go to to see how much they lose every game by, I click the "Rankings" button and then "North Carolina." That takes me directly to their page. Except I can't do that anymore. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE UNRANKED!! what losers.

In other news, we have grace till at least Tuesday morning now. The snow is still on the ground.

And according to the poll, I am supposed to get married to Hannah. This is absolutely, totally, and in all other ways, inconceivable!!

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