Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday 1/26

(Robert Francis)- 06:50
I hate my life. I have been here, in our tent, waiting for 07:00 for 6 hours. The evening began with fun talking and joking...if you know what I mean. I began the evening comfortably on an air mattress. After our first tent check I willingly volunteered to sleep in what is known as 'the crack'. This treacherous place between two air mattresses results in an uncomfortable position all night. However after our second check. The air mattress contain Laura, Claire, and myself deflated. We have spent the whole night on the hard, COLD ground.At 7 everyone will get up and I can seize there places. And so I wait... biding my time.

Visitors! (and avid blogfollowers) Maggie and Elyn!

(Robert Francis)- 07:15
No one got up at 7. I think my and Laura's feelings were best captured by the quote "it made me want to tear [Michael's] heart out with my teeth." ~myself. So, at about 7:10 I looked at Laura and our decision as made. We pleasantly but rudely said that everyone needed to leave because we would soon lose our minds. Laura, "We love you all...but you need to leave. Now." Thankfully it worked.

(Tim Lin) - 10:22
3 nights down. 4 to go. We are so going to dominate. Last night was filled with...jokes,
The Princess Bride, and...other stuff that I'm not going to talk about. That stuff stays in the tent. My video of the first night is almost done. It should be uploaded soon. I'll finish that when I can. Yeah. That's it for now. Peace out.

(Brandon Semel) - 10:37
It's quiet. Too quiet. Robert is fast asleep and all that can be heard is the rustling of the tarp and vehicles on the nearby road. All was once quiet on the Western Front, but everyone knows that was just the deep breath before the plunge... Now where is the nearest e-print?

(Claire McIlvenny) - 10:42
I was not in the tent at this time. I was in my Reformation of the 16th century class. Part of the course description reads: 'In fact, if you oversleep, did not get enough sleep, fight with falling asleep during class, I prefer that you do not come to class.'

I fell asleep in class today. There were 12 people in the class. I was sitting in the front row, opposite the Professor. These are my normal notes from the class (i.e. nice, neat) :

These are my notes from class today:

To see how bad these notes are, you will have to see them in person.

And people say tenting affects your grades.... I have no idea what they are talking about.

(Lewis Purcell) -13:01
Not in the tent. Cameron and I just swam, thought we were going to drown - the cold last night sucked out all our energy - we had to eat 2 gyros just to have the energy to leave the Marketplace.

(Robert Francis)- 13:15
My 6 hour shift is over. Yes!!!! I slept for 3 hrs, did homework, drank a smoothie and completed my first day-time tent check. Very exciting.

(Tim Lin) - 13:56
Back in the tent for my second shift of the day. I still haven't been through a daytime tent check yet. I wonder when that will happen. I expect them to happen more often as the week comes to an end, but I'm also in the tent less during that time. I'm just talking to myself right now. I have some homework with me, but I don't really feel like doing it. I think I'm going to listen to some Dragonforce right now. Just remember, "Believe who we are / The phoenix will guide us / Freedom will rise once again!!" *cue epic guitar solo*

(Tim Lin) - 15:09

Because of Youtube's stupid copyright paranoia, my video is now banned in Germany. That is all.

(Tim Lin) - 17:36
The stupid countdown thing at the top is being really stupid. It keeps resetting to zero. Just know that 39 days from 21:00 today, UNC's domination will begin.

(Esther Showalter) - 22:31
I'm wearing 4 pairs of socks. Take that, weather!

(Robert Francis) -22:38
Glory has shown down upon us! We are currently eating leftovers from the basketball teams Cook Out food! Yay! They asked us if we wanted food and then gave it to us ahhhhhH!

(Tim Lin) - 22:44
JON SCHEYER JUST GAVE US THE REMAINS OF THE BASKETBALL TEAM'S FEAST!! Now, all we need to do is find some healthy ova, and we can make clones of the basketball team!! Just kidding. It was only one of the team managers that gave us food. BUT STILL!! WE CAN MAKE POTENTIAL SCHEYER/SMITH/PLUMLEE/ SINGLER/THOMAS/ZOUBEK/DAWKINS/ KELLY/DAVIDSON/ JOHNSON/PETERS BABIES!!

(Tim Lin) - 23:13
The girls are trying to get us guys to go to Shooter's on Friday. That is a futile attempt. The guys have man time with our own group, Mu Alpha Nu. So much better than whatever sorority event these females are trying to recruit us to. Mu Alpha Nu > Alpha Delta Pi any day.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"Who wants to play a game with me?"~ Michael Gay
"Only if we SPOON!" ~Hannah Smith

"I think this whole thing has brought us all a lot closer...you know physically." ~Laura Ezell

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