Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday 3/01

(Jonathan) - 00:43
Ah, the epic absurdity of a new week is here once more. As I sit here on the fourth floor of my beloved sanctuary, Perkins, I contemplate many things, most of them beginning in "What" and ending in "am I doing here?" However, much as I would like to decorate the blog with my wistful, late-night musings, spreading them thick and luscious across this cybernetic void like the icing on one of the many cakes with which I have so recently satiated myself, I must instead perform a much-needed but little-desired duty I have thus-far overlooked. And so, without further ado, I give you a PUBLIC LETTER on behalf of THE FORTRESS and ALL OF K-VILLE.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (And believe me, you know exactly who you are...):


Yours Truly,

(Tim Lin) - 01:57
Wow...and I thought I was harsh to Shaphriqua. Jonathan is vicious...don't mess with him. He'll probably set you on fire like he did to that hand sanitizer.

Yeah. I had to redo the poll after Robert did. Because he spelled Zoubek wrong. And that made my OCD senses tingle. Yeah. Other things that make my OCD senses tingle include incorrect header format. The correct format is:

(Name) - ##:##

Yeah. It's been 5 weeks. I would have thought everybody knew the proper format. But I guess not.

I hate OCD.

"Country roads. Take me home to the place I belong. West Virginia..."


(Laura Ezell) - 08:18
[Laura's heading that Robert fixed for Tim can be seen below]
(Laura Ezell] --8:18 am
Tim, this header is for you. I've heard that for people with OCD, one way to overcome it is to stare at the things you dislike but can't control. So basically I'm doing you a favor. In other news, I would like to relay a conversation I heard from two older, very nice looking ladies on my way out of Kville. The night was uneventful, and Michael and I were both sad no one else was there. Here goes:
Person 1: "Girl, ALL the ministers. They all come to my house to play cards. Minister Brown, Minister Grayson, Minister Schwarz, girl, ALL of them. And he had the nerve to say that."
Person 2: "Girl, no he didn't!"
Person 1: "We's just playing cards, ain't no money involved. We play for fun. We ain't gamblin'. We ain't cussin'. We ain't drinkin'. We just playin' cards."
Person 2: "Girl, he crazy."

(Robert Francis) - 09:22
Actually Laura, Tim told me he has to go back and change almost all of your headers. I will do this one for him because I believe in uniformity!

I am currently in the tent. Nothing eventful. I did have some tea earlier. I haven't slept in the Fortress in over a week.

(Tim Lin) - 20:00
I cheated and inserted this in here. Because I forgot to do this when it actually happened. I would like to say:


(Tim Lin) - 22:30
I posted something earlier. But my Internet decided to be lame and crashed. So here it is again.

It's been another quiet day in K-ville. I deduce this by the lack of activity in the blog.

White tenting is more than half over. I think the thrill of tenting has gradually declined over the past 5 weeks. I think a big part of that is the decrease in the number of people required to be in the tent every night as tenting progresses from black to blue to white. I'm here alone in the tent. Nick will join me tonight. It's still fun, but it just doesn't match the first week of black tenting. Fitting 12 people into the tent was difficult, but it was definitely a more fun experience (It took all the willpower I had not to type the word "funner"). I think there should be perpetual black tenting for 5 weeks. That would be amazing.

I'm still surprised at the difference in the amount of work I intend to get done during my tent shifts and the amount of work that actually does get done. I wanted to finish my work earlier this week, so I could relax Thursday and Friday before the UNC game. I'm going to really have to step it up tomorrow and Wednesday if that's gonna happen. On top of that, I also need to write a Summer Project support letter...Yeah. Good thing I don't have any particularly urgent class that I have to go to. Except EOS12 DYNAMIC OCEANS!! That class is absolutely vitally crucially mandatorily necessary for the survival of humankind.

Alright. Back to my work. Let's see if anything will get done. I'm actually kinda tired right now. Maybe I'll just sleep...Bleh

"Two is better than one"

(Claire McIlvenny) - 23:00
Jonathan just saw the fake tent checkers in Kville. It did not end well.

(Robert Francis)- Obviously the fake tent checkers were Carolina loving villains! Clearly jealous of our season.

(Robert Francis) - 23:03
Well as tenting comes to a close we've decided that we're getting hungry again. Since we already killed Michael we thought it was someone else's turn to be sacrificed and...I think this picture shows what happened next...

Alas poor Tim, I knew him you can tell we bound his hands and cooked him alive. The screams weren't pretty, but it was delicious.


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

Claire: (when talking about food) Mmm... hair.

Robert: Mmmm....blood.

Will Spokes: Can I have a kiss?

Maggie: Yeah you can!

EDIT: No clarification allowed. Hence the out-of-context-ness.

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