Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday 2/28

(Tim Lin) - 01:22

"What if our love never went away?"

(Nick Bodnar) - 13:18
i don't know how to feel about this. Lewis left oreos and milk on the little wall beside Kville on friday night when we were visiting/javelining/line-monitoring/fireworking. i just arrived for my 13:00 shift and they're still there. but they still taste good (the oreos, that is. Not the milk. 2 day old milk is not my style).

(Claire McIlvenny) - 16:26
Last night was very interesting in Kville. Jonathan and I arrived in Kville at around 2am for the night shift. After relieving Esther of her tent duty, we decided to go ahead with our plan of watching 'The Blair Witch Project', a film I have always wanted to see. We got nicely nestled in our sleeping bags and then we began to watch the film described "The scariest movie of all time" on Things were looking promising.

Anyway, as Jonathan and I discussed how unbelievably foolish the characters in the film were, and how given the option we would never go camping in the forest like them, at around 3am we were startled by a noise.

A siren.

A tent check.

But this wasn't a regular tent check. Oh no. This was different. We heard a couple of people walking around Kville with megaphones calling "Tent check, tent check, Kville". Like any normal person in Kville we made the assumption that the Line Monitors were outside.

"Oh no", I thought. "Now I'll have to get out of my toasty-warm sleeping bag, put on my shoes, shiver, and walk to the Line Monitors and wait to be checked off."

Then, it dawned on us. The siren was not the Line Monitor siren. It was a different siren. I can't really remember what it was because the experience was too painful that I wanted to block it from my mind, but it most certainly was not the Blitz-like air raid siren that usually wakes us up. As the individuals with the siren walked around Kville yelling 'Tent Check!", Jonathan began to yell back "FAKE CHECK, FAKE CHECK, EVERYONE STAY IN YOUR TENTS".

We heard a lot of commotion outside as the poor tenters dutifully crawled out of their tents and staggered to the place where the Line Monitors usually stand. At this point, Jonathan and I panicked. What if the Line Monitors had a new siren? We had just accused them of lying. That would not bode well for the fortress. What if we MISSED a tent check? Jonathan, ever the gentleman, decided to go out and investigate.

It was then that I began to hear a large group of people accumulating outside, followed by a large list of swearing, profanity etc. that Jonathan and I were fortunate enough to laugh at. I won't repeat it on the blog, but it would probably look something like this:

"What the KHBD*A^&£BIYB*^GFT£YIH£((^$(^)&%*)*)£! Who the *£^*^(&£^&@GUVDGHJ do you think you are? I can't *&(@^%*^BJB£Y BELIEVE IT! "

You get the idea.

Anyway, Jonathan returned after a few minutes; this was good, I was worried the Blair witch had got to him. It turned out that it was, indeed, a FAKE TENT CHECK, and some TOTAL scoundrels/villains/rogues/jerks/every other word on my Thesaurus is probably too rude to post, had decided to go to the EFFORT of BUYING a megaphone and a siren, and GOING around Kville at THREE IN THE MORNING to UPSET people for their own entertainment.

I couldn't believe it. Jonathan said there were a pretty large group of people who had got out of their tents, but by the time they had realized what was happening, the people who did it could be seen running to their car which they had parked in the car park (US translation - parking lot) next to Kville. Apparently one guy ran after the car and gesticulated in an angry manner at the people in the car. That would explain the shouting I heard.

I for one would have liked to have seen a mob of people running towards the car with pitchforks and burning torches, but sadly I can't have my way all the time.

After that drama, Jonathan came back and said if he had got out of the tent earlier and caught one of the perpetrators he would have hit them. That made me laugh.

Anyway, we resumed the Blair Witch Project as the other disgruntled tenters got back into their tents before finally finishing the film around four and going to sleep.

That was a rather verbose account of last night in Kville, but I think everyone can understand why I wrote this account.

It is to inform the good, honest people of Kville to be WARY of the monstrous FAKE TENT CHECK.....

(Robert Francis)-20:36
OK time for a weekend update to the blog. While this does not directly relate to tenting it does heavily involve three residents of the Fortress. So this weekend as we all know was Cameron, Lewis, and Michael's birthdays (Cam and LJ on the 27th, Michael today). The festivities began Friday at approximately 9 PM. I met Maggie and Claire at Ayecock at about 6:30 with ingredients for icing. They finished the cake(yellow with chocolate icing) and we prepared for the evening. A bunch of us headed to Satisfaction for a late dinner. We had a private dining room and the 16 or so of us there had a great time watching speed skating, talking, and eating. Then we headed back to East for the party generously hosted by Cristy and Taylor (Thanks!). We used the roof access in their room to extend the party to almost 30 people. And had a great time eating cake and enjoying music. At midnight we sang happy birthday and Jonathan set off a firework in the main quad. Shortly thereafter we were told to leave by some of the RA's. We weren't supposed to be on the roof (Sorry Cristy and Taylor!). Luckily they didn't get in TOO much trouble. Then the party moved to the Blackwell common room where about 20 of us played fishbowl. For those who've never played, fishbowl is a game where random things are written on pieces of paper. Then two teams must figure out what they are through four rounds (1. Description without using the words, 2. Charades, 3. One word, and 4. A sound). It was tons of fun! We completed the evening by some finger jousting, wrestling and then Show and Tell (cool tricks version) led mostly by Tim and myself. This was an entertaining combination of acrobatics, feats of strength, and hidden talents. We called it a night at 2:45 and went to sleep but had a blast.
Saturday the birthday festivities were continued with a planned game of capture the flag for which we received grace. However, when we gathered on the West quad, it was cold and we decided to move the game to the library. You may be thinking. You can't play capture the flag in the library! IT'S A LIBRARY! I beg to differ. Using glow stick rings as flags we separated into Perkins and Bostock teams and played for two hours. Of course we (hypothetically) couldn't run and talking was kept to a minimum, but it was tons of fun. We had about 14-16 people there. We then headed to the Loop to enjoy some milkshakes. Afterward about 6 of us headed to Maggie's Room to watch MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND! It was also awesome. We sang Michael Happy Birthday at midnight then went to bed.
Sunday the guys headed out to play paintball with the Gay family. (THANK YOU SO MUCH! We had a blast!) about 12 of us headed to Hillsborough and played 10 or so rounds of paintball. One round of particular epicness was held in a course called 'the Village' There was a walled bridge that zig zagged down the middle. And houses on either side with windows and doors leading everywhere. In a particular round, it was getting pretty crazy and lasting a while. I shot Cameron, Steven, and Matt so it was a good round for me. It ended up that Michael and I were the last two players and we were on opposite teams. After several action movie-like runnings and shootings. We were both on the bridge. Shooting and hiding from each other amazingly. Then we round a corner and came face to face. We both called for surrender and found ourselves at a stalemate. We stood up (Guns at each other) and were confused about what to do. Being the awesome future roomies that we are, we shook hands and walked off. Ending an amazing round of paintball. I now have at least 11 welts! Yay war wounds! Everyone played really well and we had a great time. We had to not let anyone else play with us cause they would have destroyed us which was awkward, but a good decision none the less.
It was the super 3 day, non-stop party it was promised to be back in September. And one of the best weekends I've had at Duke. Happy Birthday guys!


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"I would say ditching someone at the marketplace is pretty much equal to adultery." Jonathan

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