Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday 2/21

(Claire McIlvenny) - 17:02

So, I'm back in the tent after the super fun crazy antics of the SKI TRIP. If you didn't go - you missed out. If you did go - you had an AMAZING time. Thanks must obviously go to Nick Bodnar for organizing 'The Bodsquad' and generally making the trip a success despite THREE flat tyres on the way there. A special shout out must go to Esther, Jonathan and Lewis who got down Black Diamonds on their first day of skiing. Oh yes.

There was a little red line under 'tyre' telling me it wasn't spelt correctly so I typed it into my dictionary on my computer which said it is the British spelling of 'tire'. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I did not know we spelt tyre and tire differently... I should go and consult the US-UK dictionary.

K-Ville has been very sunny today which would have been pleasant but I was here post four hour car ride in warm clothes so was suffocating in the Keep/Bastion/actual tent. It was very very loud earlier and it was actually quite annoying. I think it was mainly families who left the womens game earlier but they would not LEAVE and I heard this woman who had this horrific cackle. She must not realize she cackles when she laughs otherwise she wouldn't do it; it was VERY unladylike.
Let's just say, if we were in 17th century Salem Massachusetts, at the height of the witch trials, I would have accused her of being a witch.

Right now K-Ville is a bit mad because it's before the Virginia Tech game. I won't be able to go to the game, I have to go to the library. This is how stupid tenting can be, it's completely drained my ability to attend Duke basketball games even though I spend a disproportionately large amount of time in K-Ville. The infamous 'Hamburgers For Haiti' sale is going on right now, outside of the Fortress. The people selling them are really funny. Like the main guy, who said: 'Is that the Fortress? That still exists?'


Not really, but come on!

He also came out with the one-liner 'Virginia Tech fans, do NOT buy hamburgers for Haiti. Duke fans.... do.'

Main Guy: 'Hamburgers for Haiti. You can also buy a cheeseburger. But no hogies for hogies (?).'
Co-Worker: 'Ignore the creepy guy on the megaphone and buy a burger'.
Main Guy: 'If you don't want the hamburger, thats ok. You can just donate foodpoints too.'

To be honest, I don't know why I find all of this so funny. It just is. You probably had to be there.

Bye fortress, I'll be back in...oh.... some....six hours until I take my night shift tonight. LAST NIGHT OF BLUE TENTING :(

(Tim Lin) - 23:26
Yay!! People are back!! It was very lonely without them.

So our 2 days of grace finally ended at 1 PM today. I think. Today is the last night of blue tenting. White Tenting starts tomorrow. Yeah. White Tenting is kinda a joke. 2 people per night and 1 person during the day. How losery.

We won the game today!! It was a pretty close game. And the refs didn't call fouls (or should I say FOWLS!! and that's funny because we played Virginia Tech whose mascot is a Hokie. And a Hokie is apparently a turkey. So that's funny. Yeah.) Yeah, we pulled away in the end and won by 12 points. 67-55. Yeah.

Kyle Singler just walked by me. He looked at me while I looked up to see who was walking. He was on the phone. He looked really tired.


"You're not alone. There is more to this, I know. You can make it out. You will live to tell..."


  1. Claire,
    Your comment on the spelling made me smile. A little red line should have shown up under "spelt" as well. Oh, unless of course you were referring to this year's crop of wheat. Who would guess the English would have such troubles with English?

    A faithful follower of the Fortress

  2. Dear 'A faithful follower of the Fortress',

    Here is some information you might find of interest:
    Conjugation of 'To Spell'
    Base Form: Spell
    Past Simple: Spelt/Spelled
    Past Participle: Spelt/Spelled
    3rd Person Singular: Spells
    Present Participle/Gerund: Spelling

    Is spelt the past participle form of spell?
    " Either 'spelt' of 'spelled' are acceptable and correct. "

    Though I clearly love wheat-based products.

    Yours truly, Claire

  3. Now I know why you guys made it into Duke: you are very bright indeed! However, I just had to follow up with a visit with Merriam to put my mind at rest (as I had never, ever, heard that word used in such a manner).

    Merriam Webster New Collegiate
    Spelt- chiefly British past of spell

    So, I guess if you spelt tyre as you did, you can safely get away with it! Especially since you are apparently an authentic Brit.

    Have a good week during your waning days of tenting.....