Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday 2/22

(Robert Francis)-08:08
Last night was a fairly enjoyable one in K-Ville. Firstly some slightly (though not really) off topic information. The freshman guys of the Fortress officially have roommates for next year! Yaaaaaaay! At about 10 pm we met (or at least most of us met) in Wilson to have a block meeting. Maggie's Block as we have come to be known is now official. The roommate pairs are as follows...drum roll please...Brandon Semel (aka B-Semel) and Tim Lin, Cameron Oswalt and Lewis (Jake) Purcell, Gavin (not currently a member of The Fortress, but an ally none-the-less) McAlister and Jonathan Τhielmаn, and of course Michael Gay and Robert Francis(the awesome ones). We then determined our block captain by the simple yet useful "Who wants to be captain?" method. Michael Gay has stepped forward for the duty. Which makes me first mate of our block, and Lewis and Cameron the cabin boys of the block. Everyone else is just a block deckhand. Michael will have those "sorry sea-dogs" swabbing the deck of our block in no time!

After meeting (and making Lewis walk the plank), Michael, Gavin and I headed over to McDonalds to get a "large cup of free water". We met up with Annelise and got our Mc-y D's. Then Michael and I headed back to K-Ville for the evening. We chatted for a while with the Fortress + Maggie, Sara and Karen. Then I was lowered into some sort of grate from where I grabbed people's feet. After a bit more taking we headed to bed. Yay. We only had one tent check at like 12:45 before I was asleep. And that was the last night of blue tenting. We also decided that Fortress T-shirts must be made.

(Tim Lin) - 11:36
I forgot to say this yesterday. So here it is:


He is 9 years old. Yup.

Speaking of prepubescent children, last night, I had a strange dream involving Justin Bieber. Somehow, at the end of it, we became best friends. And he gave me his cell phone number. However, since waking up, I have unfortunately forgotten the aforementioned cell phone number. I have been confused all day...

"She makes me happy. I know where I'll be. Right by her side cuz she is the one for me!!"

(Tim Lin) - 14:23
During my shift, I saw Andre Dawkins, Miles Plumlee, Steve Johnson, Seth Curry, and Brian Zoubek enter Cameron. In that order. Except for Steve. He left Cameron. I just wanted to put him in the same sentence. Yeah. I actually wasn't sure if it was Seth or not. Because he had his hood on. But his Golden State Warriors sweats gave it away. Yeah.

They enter through this secret door that's not one of the main doors. It's pretty secretive. Not as secretive as our exclusive super duper outrageous cool awesome mysterious unknown super secret, but still pretty secretive. Yeah. I wonder if my DukeCard will open that door...


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"Next year, I think we'll be the Gay Block...wait...that didn't come out right."~Michael Gay

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