Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday 2/23

(Robert Francis) - 11:02
So I arrived early for my 1 hour shift at about 10:45, (perhaps because I missed most of it last week) and Zach and a female line monitor specimen were sitting in the front of K-Ville dividing tents among themselves. Zach then explained how to use the megaphone and the female walked the perimeter of K-Ville with sirens blaring. I then waited to show my Duke Card to Zach, who had all the blue tents. I was delighted to learn that we had grace until 12:15. This is particularly lovely since my shift ends at 12, this means that my entire shift was annihilated in a single blow. Yay for this great fortune! Though it is my first tent check during my shift since black tenting. I do not know what the average amount of tent checks people have gotten are...I for one have had three including this one. Perhaps it was my time. Anyway, I noticed the Bastion is still standing. Why is this so? Is this OK? hmmm...

Anyway for all the people who had tent stuff yesterday, but failed to blog (shame on you). White tenting has officially begun. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that now that we only have 2 people in the tent per night, there is going to be a lot more pressure to individually blog about happenings. If you need to go back in time to make up for stuff you left out this is also OK. Anyway the secret spot location was posted in a little clip in which Nolan Smith starred. He kindly introduced himself and did a big set up, "This year's secret spot is..." and left us hanging ".............." Which was very dramatic and filled with a palpable tenseness. The whole campus collectively held its breath and just when we though surely we'd pass out...he revealed it. The Camel...wait...that's the obscure secret spot? That statue on science drive? Yep. It sure is. Like out secret spot (Cameron, for those newer followers) it was not very hard to find. I imagine the rush to have been really quite spectacular, but who can truly know not having been there? Ah well. I leave you now.

(Tim Lin) - 13:09
I saw Mason Plumlee while leaving the Marketplace today. Nick Bodnar walked right by. And didn't even see him. I find that amusing.

I think the Camel was a relatively good secret spot (definitely not as cool as the Phytotron building though). I feel like most freshman/liberal arts majors will have no idea where that is. But then again, most upperclassmen and people who go to Science Drive will know exactly where that is. So it wasn't too secretive but not blatantly obvious either. Cameron totally called that spot.

I would like to take this time to 1-Up Robert and say that I have been in a total of 1 daytime tent check. That is all.

(Tim Lin) - 14:46
I'm in the tent now. I would like to point out that my computer's Internet connection is very frustrating. I was TOTALLY planning to finish a whole bunch of work while in the tent. But I have wasted...47 minutes. Trying to get my computer to connect to the Internet. Where my work is. Windows Automatic Updater also decided to automatically update my computer. Even though I turned that thing off a while ago. It decided to turn itself back on. And install IMPORTANT updates. I think they can wait. But Windows apparently doesn't. Then it proceeded to automatically restart my computer. Stupid. Then I got BSOD'd. If you know what that means. Yeah. Stupid.

There's a new poll. I think the correct answer should be obvious. But I think I'm going to lose the poll. UNLESS A CERTAIN BRANDON SEMEL DECIDES TO GET ON THE BLOG AND VOTE!! Which he obviously should do.

Robert's sneak attack posting is starting to be too much for me. I keep thinking that I'm up to date on the latest Fortress happenings. But then I scroll down and BAM!! There's a post by Robert Francis that he sneaked into the older posts. Pretending like he was there all along. What a tricky little fool (with his pants on the ground). HE CAN'T FOOL ME ANY LONGER!!

Ok I think I'm going insane. Homework really must be done now...Peace out.

(Tim Lin) - 16:58
There are people from Nick's block (I think they're from Nick's block...) who started white tenting. But they don't have tent yet. So they are temporarily living in the Fortress. Two of these people came to the Fortress to check it out just now. I was in the Bastion, and they didn't notice me dropping eaves on their conversation. It went something like this:

Person 1: Here it is.
Person 2: Dude, I'm not sleeping in there.
Person 1: This actually looks pretty comfortable.
Person 2: I am definitely not gonna spend a night in there. When are we getting our tent?
Person 1: This is actually an ingenious design.
Person 2: But it's so low to the ground.
Person 1: Yeah, but that means it traps more air, and it's warmer. You can get a tent that's higher and easier to get into, but it'll be so much colder.
Person 2: Ok fine...when are we getting our tent?
Person 1: I don't know. But we can leech off of this until we get it.

So yeah. Another person is converted to Fortressism. The belief that the Fortress is the greatest structure in K-ville. I have to agree.

This next bit is completely unrelated to tenting.

It seems like just yesterday that Justin Bieber was singing about "One Less Lonely Girl." He was the center of every freshman girl's attention. But I guess he only told his girlfriend that he loved her "One Time." Which wasn't enough for her apparently. Because now they've broken up. He's also become somewhat of a desperate little boy trying to get his girlfriend back. It's so funny. Watch this video. He also needs to stop telling his girlfriend that he'll buy her whatever she wants. Because that's just kinda stupid and childish. His dance moves are also kinda cheesy. And he sings with a funny accent at the beginning. Also, at 1:24, he does the infamous Michael Gay shoulder pinch. And at 1:35, he barrel rolls over a pool table. Ludacris also made me lol. This is rapidly climbing my list of my favorite YouTube videos of all time.

"Thought you'd always be mine..."

(Laura Ezell) - 21:51
Maggie Howell says I should blog more, so to appease this request I thought I'd chit-chat a little about Kville. There's not too much to report. It's starting to rain, which I realized first by the small droplets on my computer screen, and then I began to feel it. So I'll be moving in the Fortress soon. I really like sitting on the benches to do work though. The light is bright, and you can see what's going on and who's here. Casey Peters walked by, and we made awkward eye contact. He looked at me right as I looked up to see who it was. And, on the topic of basketball players, my sorority Big messaged both Miles and Mason Plumlee to see if they'd be my blind date this weekend, but they both have girlfriends :( According to Lewis, however, there must always be a Fortress girl dating a basketball player in the future. Please ask him and Jonathon about their Biblical scheme, and thoughts on whether Scheyer is an "Old Testament kinda guy" or a "typical Duke boy." Anyway, I need to get work done now, because I've been too distracted during the day watching the YouTube videos Tim Lin posts on the blog. Adios!

(Laura Ezell) - 22:25
I just defended the fortress's honor. Here's how it happened:
I was sitting in the Bastion, writing my English paper. I, like Tim earlier, overheard Nick's block people discussing their tent schedule. Then:
Guy 2: Are you going to sleep in there? (the Fortress)
Guy 1: Yeah, but I don't know, man, the Fortress is s***y. (edited, for the pleasure of our readers.)
Me, from inside the Bastion: Excuse me? The Fortress is NOT s***y.
Guy 2: Oh, you just got owned.
Guy 1: (trying to defend himself) But you've just got this tarp thing, and it's dark and so low to the ground.
Me: Being low to the ground makes it warmer. And you're sleeping, so you don't need to sit up.
Guy 1: But, uh...
Me: If it wasn't for the Fortress, where would you be sleeping?
Guy 2: Dude, just give it up. Thanks for letting us sleep here!
My business here is done.


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"I miss spooning with you Robert!" ~Hannah

"Ok, so I know people think that my obsession with Tim is weird, but I what I think is even weirder is Tim's obsession with Justin Bieber. I mean, I'm obsessed with Tim because he's really funny and kind of doesn't like me, but he likes Justin Bieber because...WIERD!" ~ Maggie Howell

"I'm the commander-in-chief of the pimp ship." ~ Gavin McAlister

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