Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday 2/27

(Lewis-Jake Purcell) - 14:29 Day Of My Birth
I just wanted to say that I had an awesome ski trip on Thursday and That yesterday's party was rocking and that today its gonna get better.
I also have a confession to make. I was in the bus this morning and saw a really nice car pull up to west campus and i told the guy next to me, "That car needs to be grenaded or rocket launchered." Then.... Andre and Casey Peters and Steve Johnson and then... Nolan Smith ...

I AM SO SORRY _ I TAKE IT ALL BACK! I just want, I just want it to all be gone, i just want to go back in time and change that - IF THERE WERE ONE THING I COULD CHANGE IN ALL OF HISTORY IT WOULD BE WHAT I JUST SAID!!!

(Tim Lin) - 15:32
Lewis, just because it's your birthday, it doesn't mean you can post random stuff on the wrong day. And how would you not recognize Nolan's car? lol

Yeah, today, I gave Cameron a copy of yesterday's Chronicle. He was very excited. Yeah.

Yesterday/today's party was insane. So much crazy stuff. I made it through the night, too. Yeah. It was a whirlwind of adventure.

In other news, I got my first non-basketball-related Inferno point today.

"You were my greatest failure"

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