Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday 2/16

(Robert Francis)-12:33
Yay!!! Happy Mardi Gras!!!

I don't know what's happening in the tent because no one will update and I am not in the tent! Come on people! Remember when we used to blog about every time we sneezed? Those were the golden days.

Anyway. I missed 40 minutes of my tent shift today because my not-to-be trusted memory failed to remind me of my shift. Luckily Brandon stayed there for like an extra 40 minutes before sending a reminding text. So, no harm done, but a FAIL, none-the-less. Umm... I need to fill space in the blog (since no one else will). So everyone how was last night? Descibe your experience in detail. You can even exaggerate or flat out lie! I don't care, but I need to hear about it. We must remain vigilant. The Fortress cannot be boring!!! I've noticed our 'The Fortress' label on the side of the tent could use some touch ups. So...we could do that... I recently found out that Thursday people can get grace by going to Shooters! Yay? This whole grace non-sense it getting crazy. Yeah...so go you people on Thursday! SHOOTERS!!!!! Whoo! Um I bought some Duke sweatpants today! They're grey and say 'DUKE'. I am also pondering on whether it would be worthwhile to invest in a basketball jersey. They aren't that much and I could use it at all the games...We'll see.

And about our ski trip this weekend, what are we doing to make up for the hours/nights we miss? Have we re-checked all of this with Zach since blue tenting has started to make sure he remembers? If not, we should. Well...that's all I got. Happy Fat Tuesday! Eat lots o' unhealthy food!

(Jonathan) - 13:05
Some crazy fool cut off all my hair! You just never can tell who you can trust these days. Also, my hat is missing! Where did it go? Who knows. Actually, let me rephrase that: who knows? It's small and looks a lot like a black North Face hat with grey stripes, mainly because it really is a small, black North Face hat with grey stripes. And, yes, I do spell "grey" correctly, glad you appreciate good English. We'll have none of this ugly "gray" rubbish around here (and by " around here," I mean around the Fortress Blog, which, yes, does rule out anyone who's reading the blog from being near some instance of the linguistic catastrophe that is "gray"). Now, hopefully that sentence made a small bit of sense, since I am really about to use my two cents to use a couple of homophonic, and in the upcoming instance, homographic, terms in every sense I could possibly imagine, rendering this present sentence into what I am very afraid must seem a lot of nonsense. And why did I waste all of spring semester writing that sentence? Who knows.Anyway, find my hat, and what the heck tent 52? Are you seriously getting a shout out from Zach White when the Fortress is not? What? Guys, this is a problem that needs fixing.

(Laura Ezell) - 13:19
Other tents may get shout outs, but it's our blog that the head line monitor's mother reads to stay updated on what's going on in Kville. And let's face it, that's way cooler than one shout-out.

(Lewis Purcell) -14:32
We should blog more. And Claire's mom agrees. Anyways, last night was epic.
I came to K-ville cuz I heard fox would be there, but they weren't. Cam, Nick and I were grappling for fun on the side of some stairs cuz we were waiting for the tent check that would never come. And then fox came around the corner; I was like "Hey, did you guys see the sign up there for Coach K's birthday" and thus our story begins. Essentially they interviewed us and filmed us grappling and they even went into the fortress to interview us. It was epic.

(Tim Lin) - 18:55
Ok...I haven't been here in a while. I will start with Sunday night.

Zach White called a talent show. Winner was supposed to get grace. Among all the displays of talent, I feel as if Robert/Laura and me had the best talents. Duh. They're double cartwheel that they learned in 30 seconds was pretty epic. And my foot-jumping ability is unmatched. Actually not really. Apparently, it's a legit dance move. Watch that whole thing. It's crazy. Quest Crew is so cool.

Unfortunately, the talent show gave everybody grace because Zach White couldn't decide just one tent to give grace to. I didn't even have to tap into my hidden talents (In case you're wondering, I can do the wave with my thumbs and say the alphabet backwards. Yeah, I know you're jealous.). If I were to give second place to someone, I would give it to the guy who could name the start and end city of every interstate highway in the United States. That must have taken some dedication to memorize...

Last night was interesting. I was planning to sleep early. Which I did. I was woken up at 12:15ish. Because Hannah told me there was a tent check. It turns out the Fortress was being filmed by a guy from Fox. That was cool. He got into the Fortress and asked us questions there. I'm pretty sure my response to one of his questions made no sense at all. I feel like Sarah Palin.

AND I participated in my first daytime tent check today. It wasn't as invigorating as I thought it would be.

"Run Baby Run. Don't ever look back..."

(Esther Showalter) - 23:26
So Claire came down with the flu (and Cameron, too, I hear) so I'm in the tent tonight. And, yet again, Linear Algebra is haunting my tenting nights. I'm not sure if Linear Algebra is making Tenting more exciting and interesting or if Tenting is making Linear Algebra more fun to work through. They're becoming very closely associated, though.
It's actually kind of warmer tonight, which means my fingers haven't frozen yet from typing this post. I'm also becoming very attached to the nook next to the power outlet outside of Wilson. The muffled voices of gruntled and disgruntled tenters drift out to you over the sidewalk and occasional non-initiates walk by and scoff at/ooh and aah at everyone in the tents and air mattress inflators come up from time to time to plug in their pumps. It's so mellow, in fact, that I can't think of even one snarky thing to say. Sorry for the disappointment, dear readers!

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  1. What did you end up naming the tent???? Is Brandon sharing his cookies?????