Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 2/24

(Esther Showalter) - 01:44
I had typed up a brilliant and sharp and clever and dry little post that took a genius stab at Carolina's team colors, but then the Internet quit and all my wonderful work was lost forever. Thus passes the work of a generation. I will settle for these facts instead:
"If you shake a can of mixed nuts, the larger nuts will rise to the top" - this came from the top of my 1:08am Snapple bottle.
"Strawberries contain more vitamin c than oranges" - this from the top of my 1:30am Snapple bottle. I was a little disappointed with my 1:30 jar because it was diet and tasted like normal tea instead of liquified sugar. If I wanted to drink real tea, I would not have bought Snapple from a vending machine.

(Jonathan) - 2:55
It's a beautiful Wednesday morning, here in Lilly library. Long live The Fortress, Justin Bieber is banned from the blog; his music video clearly violates the Terms of Service under the categories of Child Safety ("content that exploits children," come, on, really, I mean, the guy's like 8 years old), Hate Speech (seriously, who *doesn't* hate his speech?), Crude Content (did you watch the video or what? It has *him* in it, need I say more?), Violence ("content encouraging your readers to take violent action against another person", e.g., Justin Bieber), Impersonating Others (where to begin...), Spam (well, he's unwanted, unsolicited, and if he ever showed up in my Inbox I'd delete him....), and Malware and Viruses (when I watched that video, my computer exploded). So yeah.

(Tim Lin) - 12:11
First, I would like to say that we are supposed to double up on hours. Because of the ski trip. So that's why the schedule is kinda fat. But not all the hours have been doubled up. But I don't think it's urgent. So yeah. w/e

(Nick Bodnar) - 15:50
oh my goodness!

MaggieTheAbominableSquirrel left me some apples! What a treat! They're so good! by the way, the offer stands that if any freshmen (or anyone with access to apples) gets me a lot, i'll buy you a meal. done.

yet another interview. i was walking toward the tent and i saw two girls videoing the fortress. i asked if they were in fact videoing the fortress, just to be sure, and they said "Yes, do you live there?!" once i told them yes, they proceeded to ask me several questions on camera "for their class". yeah right, i'm pretty sure that thing's going national.

also, the Randos mentioned below are my blockmates, and they're working on getting a tent. i think.

(Esther Showalter) - 14:42
Ah! It survived! Thanks, Tim. Here's the amazing things that happened Tuesday night, then:
"(Esther Showalter) - 01:08
The official name for the moochers living in our tent is now "Randos". I expect everyone to refer to them appropriately now. And to slip pleasant yet barbed jibes into our conversation about their current state of tentlessness, which is like helplessness and hopelessness except with tents. Or without them.
Two interesting conversations happened to me today. Well not really conversations because they were only one-way. Monosations. Monvosations. Monversations. They were done by two different people, whom I will call Gaius and Titus - with a nod to CS Lewis - in two different places. One was at UNC, where Nick, Lewis and I were visiting a student-run worship service that happens on Tuesdays. Afterwards we were walking around Franklin street grimacing at the overabundance of stores with baby blue apparel and Gaius came walking by us in the other direction and called out:
"Hi guys, free vodka at the Rec Club!" or something like that. The name of the establishment may have had the word "end" in it, I can't remember for sure. Clearly, being surrounded by baby-blue clothing (and wearing it probably makes it worse) causes you to believe that alcohol will solve all your problems and is the only means of escaping harsh reality.
At the meeting/service that we had gone to earlier, I had run into a friend I went to high school with who got into The Other School. Although it was good fun to see him again, after the Vodka Gaius incident I was very remorseful and realized that, indeed, Friends Should Not Have Let Friends Go To Carolina. I'm afraid there won't be any hope for him now, though, the baby blue has probably gotten into his soul.

Also, on a side note, Carolina Blue is to Duke Blue what Princess Pink is to Blood Red. I don't think the Tarheels (haha, the word check doesn't recognize "Tarheels") realize that they're practically metaphorically dressing up in 7-year-old-girl colors and expecting everyone to be in awe of their sports teams. Maybe someone should point this out to them and then they would stop it.

The other interesting thing happened to MaggieTheAmbiguousSquirrel and me while we were walking from the Fortress to her tent. Titus and a few of his friends (call them Claudius and Cornelius) were methodically consuming alcohol on the little wall that runs alongside K-Ville (which probably means they're from UNC and are just tenting in order to sabotage the game on March 6th, like in the wikipedia article - see the Robertson Scholars section). Claudius was coming back to their group and MaggieTheAmbiguousSquirrel and I walked past them during this section of their riveting conversation.

Cornelius: "Claudius, what, are you a sex addict?"
Claudius: "What? No, what?"
Titus: "Hey, girls, Claudius is a sex addict!"

I'm very glad to know that, Titus. I really can't say how happy I am that you felt it necessary to inform us of this important fact. You are indeed a very clever person and very humorful, too. Sorry, humourful. You are probably even friends with Gaius, and secretly think baby blue is and awe-inspiring color.

In other news, Odwalla's Chocolate Protein Monster drink tastes a very small bit like chocolate and a very large bit like something healthy pureed up and pretending to not be puree of something healthy, like wheat."

(Nick Bodnar) - 16:04
In the tent beside us a girl just said "aw, the tent's all wet!!" in like a whiny baby voice. In a survey asking how strongly i relate to this feeling, i'd have to check N/A because i've never experienced water in the fortress. It's that good.

(Claire McIlvenny) - 19:41
Jonathan, Michael and I were in Kville about to sign in for our tent check, when suddenly we realized everyone around us was eating. Why was this? Because they gave out free doughnuts to all the tenters in Kville just now. NICE. Mmmm...yum.

In other news, I could write about the 10 page paper I have due tomorrow and haven't done, or the torrential rain that invaded the Bastion this morning whilst I was trying to write said paper.
Or, I could just comment on the Justin Bieber video (sorry Jonathan, I don't want your computer to explode again).

For those of you unfortunate enough to have not seen this video, the link again can be found here:

Here are some general comments:
00.18 - Why is he yelling? He's inside.
00.39 - He pulls the girls jacket. Umm...if Justin Bieber pulled me up to him by my jacket, I would punch him in the face.
01.14 - I like the guy with the afro/mohawk, but he's wearing sunglasses INSIDE.
01.16 - He pumps his chest out and makes a heart sign. Enough said.
01.24 - I agree with Tim, Bieber clearly took the shoulder pinch from Michael Gay. What a jerk.
01.34 - When he barrel rolls across the table, look closely. He accidentally kicks the girl when he does this. Way to go Justin Bieber, I've always thought kicking a girl in the ovary was a great way to flirt with someone.
02.34 - Ludacris talks about the playground. I mean, I don't know about you, but I've always been suspicious of adults who hang around in playgrounds....

Finally, I can't find it in the video this time, but the best part is when Ludacris has Bieber in a headlock.

Hahaha. Sorry that was random, just this video makes my day.

(Robert Francis)-22:25
GRACE! Ah, how I've missed you! Yes it is grace once more. I know what you're thinking, "What now? Grace during white tenting? This hardly seems necessary." And yes it's true only Brandon (B-Semel) and myself will receive this lovely gift. But Coach K apparently called grace at his talk and there was much joy throughout the land! I'm pumped. This isn't a normal grace...It's Coach K certified which makes it the most legitimate grace ever given! I also loose two hours during the day tomorrow! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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