Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday 2/19

(Tim Lin) - 02:23
I hate how every time I log into the blog, my gmail automatically logs out and into the account. Stupid.

So...thanks to some great people in Team Fortress, we have grace tonight. Tonight, 6 people at Shooter's brings us grace. I don't know why. But that's how it was. Since Cameron, Brandon, Lewis, and I decided that we cannot exist in the proximity of Shooter's, I was very surprised that we accomplished this. I was actually about to go to the tent at 11 PM to take Brandon's night shift when Cameron calls me and tells me about Team Fortress's accomplishment.

Thanks to...whoever went to Shooter's. I don't know who you are.

In other news unrelated to tenting, I am very disappointed with the Top 24 of American Idol this year.

"I dare you to move like today never happened."

(Nick Bodnar) - 12:25
I want to thank all the mothers, Big's, friends, etc. who have sent goodies to our tent! Mrs. Ezell, those zebra cakes were amazing! I love zebra cakes! these are always welcome surprises.

as blue tenting comes to a close - this is almost the Fortress' last day, on account of the SKI TRIP - we have time to reflect on all the joy, grace, and pain it brought us. and there was a lot of each. it's unlikely that anyone but Lemur-man made it to bed before 2am, and he only did that once, on accident. We had grace for wind, and then we didn't have it for miserable 25 (feels like -40) degree weather. Tim died once. there were grappling hooks, birthdays, news reporters, and let's not forget walk-up lines, which really lay down the hammer of exhaustion.

oh man, it's been a blast. i am just today in a mental state fit for blogging, as i was able to sleep in my bed for the first time in who knows how long.

I love this tent! (and the physical structure we have is cool too)

(Laura Ezell) - 14:35
It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Kville today! After a lovely Maggie/Laura chat where we did some awesome planning for future activities, the Fortress had some very exciting special guests: Will, Liam, and Elliott Spokes! The boys explored the Fortress and the tent, and were both amazed and somewhat critical. Elliott: "This is amazing. It's beautiful." High praise I tell you. Liam thought it was pretty cool, but then he described how he would make a tent if he were here. So for the future, if we're to keep up with Liam, we need an underground tent that we've tunneled out, complete with cooking equipment, a place on top where we live and a sentry to constantly stand guard. Apparently, we have some work to do. Overall, however, the boys were pretty impressed, so I think that means the Fortress is a success!!

(Tim Lin) - 17:09
I finally got around to uploading some pictures.

Yeah. I didn't take these on Saturday. So I cheated. But whatever.

Yeah, so as of now, we have grace. Because our entire tent is going skiing on some RUF ski trip. I'm not going. So I just have a break from tenting. I think Michael Gay is in the same boat as me. Yeah. We'll be back in the tent at 1 PM Sunday, I think. At least that's what Michael Gay tells me.

"It's like I've been living my whole life for this one night..."

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