Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday 2/17

(Esther Showalter) - 19:05
So about 20 minutes after I was scoffing at how not cold it was last night, cold happened. It felt like within two minutes, the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Even the weather reads our blog - and is out to get us.

Also, line monitors are apparently lurking outside the IM gym and calling tent checks in order to catch cheaters in K-Ville. Good thing the Fortress is full of such upstanding people that they never get caught cheating. Because they never do. Yeah.

Also, I think I accidentally cheated on the Maryland game. I got in and realized everyone had pink wristbands, but I'd never gotten one because I'd come from my dorm to the line just a few minutes before they let people in. I didn't realize you were supposed to be there for a while before the game started. Let that be a lesson: if you cut corners with Tenting and Walk-up Lining, then you lose out on the cool wristbands.

It was cold today! Good luck to everyone in the tent tonight!

(Tim Lin AND Robert Francis) - 23:23
LIKE OH SNAP ITS HAPPENING AGAIN!!1!11ONE!!!!1 - That's right folks, ANOTHER double blog! Can you believe it I sure can't!- The people in the tent right next to us are talking about gaining 400 pounds. What a fatty. He apparently "packed away so much food at the Marketplace tonight" (Person from next Tent). I even cited her with MLA format!! - I'm going to flip into the third person so that we may keep our identities secret. As soon as Robert arrived (Esther had covered Robert's shift for Robert as Robert was late), Robert saw Tim, the only remaining member of the Fortress playing Knock-Out. It became obvious quite quickly that Tim was going to win - Duh! - so Robert convinced Tim to intentionally miss a shot in order to deceive the opponent - Tim missed a shot intentionally in order to deceive the opponent. - Now, they can't accuse Tim of cheating or being more than human. - Robert and Tim then decided to get water. While Robert and Tim were getting water, someone asked Robert and Tim if Robert and Tim wanted hot chocolate. Hannah thinks that Robert and Tim are stealing her thunder. - (See above post). Anyways, Robert and Tim got to the water fountain, but it turned out to be WARM! - That is such an ABOMINABLE ABOMINATION OF ABOMINABLE ABOMINABILITY!! - And then the water got hot. Robert was holding Robert's hand under it, and it was too hot to leave Robert's hand there. - Hannah is being impatiently impatient and without patience impatiently and wanting to watch American Idol. So Robert and Tim are going to watch that now. - Bye. I love you!!

(Hannah Smith)- 23:58
This is my first post ever!! Tonight Cameron was sick so Tim decided to take his place. Stupid food poisoning. Matt Gay and Maggie Howell came to visit us and we took lots of pictures. You should ask Maggie about one of the... it's fantastic. We played knock out, but we decided to concede because the Fortress is obviously the best and we don't want everyone to hate us and to trash our tent. Robert and Tim were offered hot chocolate, but they were stupid and refused. The tent is cold, did they forget that fact? Anyway, that's all from me!


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"My clothes make me look like a hobo." ~Maggie
"Please, look at my color scheme. I look like a toasted marshmallow!" ~Hannah

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