Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday 2/26

(Laura Ezell and Maggie Howell) - 13:17
History is being made. While I accept that Robert and Tim get credit for the first joint blog post, we are setting new precedent: a joint blog post with one Fortress member and one "honorary member." The day is warm, the wind is brisk, and we sit in the Bastion relaxing and gossiping about all that we possibly can.
Today at breakfast, Sara shared a very illuminating you-tube video, one which encompasses all the traits of a typical Duke student, in particular, Michael Gay. Please note in particular the references to granola, lax-bros, Teva straps, jeans rolled up, "cute little library queen...just wait 'til I see her at the printing station," Odwalla, Polo, Nalgene, Northface Denali, Rainbows, Dave Matthews band, Sperry's, Quidditch, Muggles, Hufflepuff... you get the picture. At this point Maggie breaks off to say, "gee, I really wish Robert or Tim were here. They're so clever. Their verbosity is unparalleled. I wish we were clever." Please let it henceforth be known that I'm pretty sure we only wrote a joint blog so that we could try to emulate even a mere portion of the creativity, cleverness, and overall awesomeness that Robert and Tim possess (and to share that video).
On a different note, we'd like to inform everyone that man-hole covers are now called "people-hole covers." Also, it is passé and offensive to use "mankind," rather one should say "humankind" or "peoplekind." Oh, and use of the word teleological will win you an automatic bonus point. All this and more brought to you by Claudia Koonz, of the Duke University History Department.

(Jonathan) - 17:17
OK, this is a props post. First (and least), props to myself for beginning this post at it's posted time (17:17) --- that's just cool on it's own terms, you know? Also, in unrelated news (no, really), there may or may not have been a moderately-sized fire built outside the fortress last night. If there was, Cameron wouldn't know who built it because they were an Unidentified Stranger. Other sources confirm that it was quite cold in K-Ville that night, and reasonable folks might have resorted to unreasonable measures to remain warm. Or maybe people were crazy all along. Anway, back to the props. MAJOR PROPS go to Tim Lin, the master of many things Fortress, for taking, at great cost to himself, an hour of my shift tonight when I was physically incapacitated by a bad case of the Chemistry Seminars. Tim, you do more than your share, and deserve, well, a lot. Thanks. PROPS also go to Lewis, Cameron, and Michael Gay (more or less) for having similar-enough-to-be-same birthdays. Good call on being born when you were, guys; I'd have done the same myself, but I figured I'd like to be home for my birthday first semester freshman year.* PROPS go to Nick Bodnar, for being the human equivalent of a Google Spreadsheet, Bus Company, Cell Phone Tower, Towing Service, Grocery Store and Bank, resulting in his ability to organize a ski trip for 50 plus people. PROPS to everyone in the Fortress for being in the Fortress (duh!). PROPS to Maggie for baking cakes, and PROPS to Robert for being Somewhat-Tim-Like in his blogging abilities. I'm actually a bit *sad* I didn't put you two in the same room, because if I had, I would never have to go looking for RUF girls ever again..... everyone could send mail to "RUF Girl #3, Care of Robert & Tim, A404 Edens", etc. All sorts of wacky benefits. Now, this list is sadly incomplete, and there are about 3 other random topics (including the corresponding explanation attached to the * attached to freshman in this post and the Random Dude In the Fortress story), but unfortunately I am long overdue to run to Whole Foods and buy icing.

(Tim Lin) - 17:38
Tim would like to point out that Laura and Maggie may try, but Robert and Tim are still greater. Because Robert and Tim spoke (typed) in the 3rd person. And speaking in the 3rd person makes Robert and Tim THAT much more cool.

Also, I would like to point out that the teleological argument for the existence of a deity is the argument that got Antony Flew (a renowned atheist) to believe in a higher power.

And manholes/mankind/etc should remain. Because boys > girls. Everybody knows that. As everybody said in 1st grade, boys rule. Girls drool. That is all.

"Ashes to ashes and dust to dust."

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