Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday 2/25

(Tim Lin) - 00:12
I don't know what happened to the schedule. There's a giant convoluted clutter of names between 1700 and 1800. I feel like those people who are supposed to be in the tent at this hour know when they're supposed to be there. But I can't figure out what the schedule means. And that is reflected on the schedule above. Yeah.

Also, the countdown to the Duke v. UNC game is now a 1 digit number. OH SNAP!! The day is near!! Speaking of a failing basketball team, UNC lost again yesterday. Looks like my prediction is wrong. I predicted a 14 loss season. They have 14 now. And they're going to lose to us in 9 days.

"It knocks you down. Just get back up when it knocks you down..."

(Tim Lin) - 10:13
I just watched the American Idol episode from last night. I would like to point out that the show was on Wednesday. And Randy Jackson was wearing argyle. That's all.


"We're going down down in an earlier round..."

(Tim Lin) - 12:07
I changed the poll. Because the previous one was extremely controversial. Everybody was cheating. Seriously. Why would you cheat on a poll?

"Where is the love that i used to feel?"

(Robert Francis)- 12:24
I overheard another exchange from the randos in the Fortress. It was along these lines.

Person 1: It's actually surprisingly comfortable in there.
Person 2: Have you slept in there?
Person 1: Yeah, I took a nap.
(gets out of the tent)
Person 1: It's actually surprisingly warm in there, but no ones been in there like all day.

(WRONG! I am here! Dropping eaves!)
Later playing frisbee

Person 1: Aw, you hit the Fortress.
Person 2: It's the Fortress it'll be OK.
Person 1: Aw, you hit the Quatro
Person 2: That doesn't sound nearly as cool...

(Tim Lin) - 23:57
Yay we won the game today!! But I'm not here to talk about the game. I'm here to talk about (type about) an overheard conversation while lining up for the game:

Person 1: Hey look that tarp says "The Fortress" on it.
Person 2: Yeah. Did you know they have a blog? It's actually pretty funny.
Person 1: Oh really?
Person 2: Yeah, it's actually really well written.

I think Person 2 was Ralph. I don't know what his real name is. Robert probably knows who I'm talking about.

And I would like to share my dream from last night. My subconscious is so confusing...

Miles Plumlee and I and 3 other people were in a car. And we were getting pho to eat (for those of you non-Asian people who don't know what pho is, it's basically Vietnamese noodles. Loaded with oil/MSG. Tastes amazing.). For some reason, Miles was sitting in the middle of the back seat. Even though he's clearly the biggest guy in the car. But yeah. I was sitting to his right. We went on one of those 270 degree turns onto a freeway. And the momentum pushed me onto Miles. For some reason we were driving really fast, and I couldn't get off of him. Because the centripetal force was too much. Then he kinda like threw me off. It was weird. I don't know what happened. Then, we got our food. Went back to Duke (it didn't look like Duke, but we all knew it was Duke. that happens to me in dreams sometimes...). We went into the Aycock common room even though it definitely didn't look like Aycock. And Chris D'Angelo was there to steal food from us. What a jerk. Just kidding. I love you Chris. And yeah. I was about to eat. And I could almost taste it. Then I woke up. Stupid alarm telling me to wake up to go to Math 107 recitation. So I defied it and went back to sleep. Yup.

One more thing. American Idol results show. It was today. Which is Thursday.

Lacey Brown, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia are wearing horizontal stripes. They are cool.
Randy was only cool yesterday. He didn't wear horizontal stripes.

Lee Dewyze wore stupid argyle. Duh. It's not Wednesday. What a loser. I hope he loses.


Oh my goodness Adam Lambert is amazing.

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