Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday 3/05

(Robert Francis) - 23:02
So the Fortress ad its allies met at the Dillo at 7:30 and had a rockin' dinner. After many pictures and a few bananagrams rounds we headed to K-Ville for personal checks round two. There was a calmer start to the evening. We took Fortress pictures, cleaned up, and took down the Bastion. All of K-Ville lined up for Coach K's talk, and the Fortress decided to just wait. THEN as we were sitting there taking pictures of the Cameron Stadium sign, we saw him. John Scheyer. Walking towards the doors of Cameron. The heroic females of the Fortress adopted a fa├žade of a fan girl attitude and asked to if he would endure a photograph with the Fortress. He ACCEPTED! And now we are photographed with him!!!!!! Soon after a check was called. The Fortress stylishly lined up in alphabetical order for the convenience of the line monitors. THEN after managing to get into the very front row of the Coach K speech (foreshadowing) we got awesome black tenter jackets! They're blue and look so legit when we all where them. We hung out for the rest of the evening until we got our third personal checks.

(Tim Lin) - 14:37
So Robert decided he wanted to rearrange all the blog posts so that the earlier posts during the day are at the beginning of the post. I wasn't quite sure why. Something about a book? Oh well. I guess that means I have to post under him.

Last night So many drunk people. Apparently there were about 5 or 6 EMS calls. And it was barely 00:30. That's only slightly ridiculous. And by "slightly," I mean "inconceivably." People were told to get out of there. No more personal checks last night. That means there will be 4 tonight. Yeah.

Spring break is almost here. Carolina is almost about to lose. There will be a parade. People will be singing everywhere.


(Robert Francis)- 15:29
Yes all, the blog is now completely rearranged so that it runs chronologically within each day. This is important: 1) because now when we go back it will be in the order it happened and we can read down instead of bottom to top 2) so that the blog can be made into a book. I rearranged it for about two hours yesterday and today have worked on the book for three. So that'll happen for anyone that wants one, but it may take some time.

(Lewis Purcell) -15:17
Spring Break - so elusive is almost here - sitting in EOS 11 - my last class - then I work till 8 - then its a party!!! I'm excited. I have a complaint - i think Robert rearranged all of the times on the blog - it confuses me and I don't like it. On a different note - I was so sad that k-ville party got shut down so early - i was excited for it. But a bunch of duke students who always have work said they will participate in the festivities tonight (brandon and cam!). Since I had two midterms today you would think I would have gone to bed at 1 when we got personal checks off; however I did not - decided to hang with the Bodnars. I was however by 2:30 in Nick's common room firmly convinced that I should go to bed and that no one could convince me to get up. 3 and half hours later eating McDonalds in the BC I still had two midterms the next day when I fell asleep at 5:50 in the Bryan Center. Tim was also asleep in there when we got there and left. Anyways - im excited for the party tonight.

(Robert Francis) - 13:03
SPRING BREAK! Finally these past couple days have been killers. Now we're free! I just failed a math quiz (Question: how fast is the distance between two cars changing? One was going 75 mph the other 90 mph. My answer? Literally 9450 mph. It was not a good day). But now it's over!

So personal checks last night...I showed up at about 11:30 since rehearsal ran late and there was personal check at 12, then I went home. But in the brief half hour I was there I saw 2 unconscious people, 6 police officers, 2 ambulances, 3 Bodnars, and about 2843 beer cans. It was quite impressive. I then found out that there were going to be no more checks that night (The Fortress has people on the inside) and was very happy about my decision to leave.

and finally...most importantly...ONE DAY MORE!!!

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