Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday 3/6 - GAMEDAY

(Robert Francis) - 23:50
Back to where I left off. So once I got back and got dressed I sauntered over to the bus stop where I met with the Fortress (btw I love how Fortress has come to refer to both the structure and the group of people. )

ex 1) Though all of K-Ville was annihilated by grenades, The Fortress stood strong and wasn't so much as singed.

ex 2) Fortress, rally to the Dillo for dinner!

Back to business. So we rode on over and walked to K-Ville there we met up with other members who had brought along blue and white paint. I cut a few girls shirts and then the painting began. We headed out to the parking lot and were followed by a camera man and a couple news-y type people. As we got ready we explained who we were and what was about to happen. We began with Jonathan Cameron and Nick did a majority of the paint application while I sponged to get in evenly distributed. The system worked well. Jonathan was done in no time. The girls started going too, then Nick, me and Michael all got painted. After I got painted I was interviewed by the TV people who had been filming us the whole time. They asked some questions about game and what the K-Ville was about. I did my best to represent the Fortress. When he asked what our group was I said "Well, we're the Fortress and we're kind of a big deal." So there. After that I painted Tim like Avatar (The last air bender not the Na'vi). I did an arrow down his forehead and hands. He jumped and we took picks, it was cool. Once painting was finished and we were all a solid unit of blueness, we got some pizza which sadly I couldn't eat since My mouth and hands were already blue. We got in line and waited. We took photos with Zach White, the Crazy Towel Guy, and The Fortress. But we waited in line and got pumped for the game. There was literally someone checking you every three feet into the game. It was quite the impressive set up. I saw them calling down one guy claiming to be in the band. The game of course, was epic. What else could it be? We were winning by around 30 for the majority of the game. My voice was gone so I had to pretend to chant all the chants. Dick Vitale came over to the Fortress, stole Cameron's blue wig, and crowd surfed right over the Fortress. At this time I apparently received a personal close up on TV as I photographed this occurrence. I'm gonna stop now...

(Lewis Purcell) - 15:45
College GameDay was pretty sweet. Nick's BodFam got so much air time - but I got some too. I'm pretty tired and wanna take a nap here soon. I hope Nick can get his brother and sister into the game; they didn't end up getting in the walk up line at all so... Cam and I just made some signs for the game - one for each of the seniors; "Zoubs we *heart* you!" "Scheyer 4 Ever" and "We *heart* LT"... My favorite part is how they were all UNC proof - the mixing of symbols and letters was sure to be impossible for them to read - and don't even get me started on the mixing of letters and numbers. I'm gonna take a nap now and go to west a bit early to get a basketball shaved onto my head for the game. Can't wait to dominate tonight.

(Robert Francis) - 14:04
OK so we woke up to be in K-Ville at 9 (yuck!). I forgot my awesome black tenting jacket and looked like a fool. Almost as foolish as having pants on the ground! Anyway so there we were Duke-d out in blue and white waiting in line, outside of Cameron, at 9 am, for ESPN Gameday (wow, lots of prepositional phrases). We piled into the student section. Some of us were third row center, some first row off-center. What happened next was spontaneous cheering for nothing to the cameras for the next 4 hours. They'd be like "cheer!" and we'd be like "wwwwwoooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh#^YY*()@)**(_){ODTUF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Then we would repeat. I made a sign for Lewis. It said vertically UNC(in red) and then horizontally Unqualified NIT Contenders(in blue). We were all on TV alot. Since we got kinda bored we started doing things like pointing to the camera when it came on us, whammying the camera, and general tomfoolery.

After this event Elyn generously drove Claire, Laura, Hannah, and myself to Target. There was a deceptively summery feeling to the whole venture, no doubt caused by great weather, listening to music, and driving with the windows down. We bought the girls' shirts and shorts for the game and we all got aviators so that we could be ├╝ber cool. We also stopped by Party City and invested in some blue hair gel. Then on the way back to school we stopped at Whole Foods for pizza and then began prepping for the game.

(Esther Showalter) - 08:49
The Campus Van Dweller talked about us! -

(Lewis Purcell) -04:15
So Personal Checks Round 2 have gone a lot better. Its been a blast. We shared the bottle of wine that Jonathan snagged from __________ - and has some epic toasts; "To The Company of Friends, to the Approach of Our Enemies and to the Grace of God and Zach White," "To Bromance," "Europe," and "Zoubek, Coach K and Duke Basketball!" I wanted to make all 5 of the PChecks but I was talking to someone so I missed the 4rth Check - but next year. We were gonna do the gallon challenge but by the time Nick got the milk and got back everyone had lamely left. I am gonna go to bed now at 4 - kinda early for me - this past week has been 5 -5 -2 -5 -4 in the morning - and never waking up past 10 so yea. I love the Bod Family - they make my life funner. I love how tonight they got the cool jackets meant only for black tenters. Well, chiling for now - gotta go to college gameday tomorrow pretty early.

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  1. Brandon's momMarch 6, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Will the Fortress be sitting together tonight in a unified front? We'll be watching and looking for you!! Excited for the game!!