Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday 3/04

(Robert Francis AND Brandon Semel) - 00:29
Two notable things are currently happening!
1) Brandon is present while I am blogging. it's almost like he's part of our tent!
2) Someone is unzipping the Bastion! We don't know who because Nick said the randos were gone and Brandon and I are both in here. It's either Robert Ryan planning some evil fake tent check, the randos seeking revenge, Liechtenstein, Lord Voldemort or a bear...I'm not sure which. But these mortal enemies are clearly the only options. I'm going to sacrifice Brandon. Don't tell him!!!!

-- Robert, it'll be a race to see which one of us can run faster. The bear gets the loser.--

whoa whoa whoa. Stop the car! STOP. THE. CAR!!!! OMG!!!!!! Brandon contributed to the blog. I may faint. This is a momentous occasion. It must be celebrated with a feast the likes ofAsgård have never seen! Tick Tock just came on in a car parked near K-Ville.

Anyway there was just a tent check and the siren didn't even come to our half of K-Ville. I thought I heard something and got out. Then I told Zach White. I said "The siren never came to this half of K-Ville" and he was like "I'll go tell 'em", shaking his head in shame. The other line monitors also decided to do the tent check in an achronological order (the root a- (Latin) meaning: not or without). The shame of some of these inept line monitors. How does Zach deal with them?

Brandon is off brushing his teeth and we're trying to watch American Idol tono avail since the Internet is being silly.

(Robert Francis) - 12:55
Interesting occurrences in K-Ville today. A tent check siren was sounded at approximately 11:07. tangent --Hey everyone! remember that time at RUF fall retreat that some of you changed the wake up siren from a siren to The Final Countdown? And the speakers played it not once, but TWICE. Sooo funny.--Anyway back to the here and now. At this time I headed to the front of K-Ville to do a tent check as usual when I got there I was surprised to see Nolan Smith with a bandana over his nose and mouth and a cowboy hat shooting Andre Dawkins while they chased each other on horseback!!!(albeit they were those sticks with horses heads) Mason Plumlee laughed while sitting there in a black button down, jeans, and a black cowboy hat next to his unicorn! Yes apparently K-Ville entered a worm whole and was transported back in time and to the wild west! Zach White proceeded to explain that a class was making a Western movie with the basketball players and we were going to be extras and receive grace! So we ran about the tents as if being chased by basketball player cowboys for a bit and then I got grace for the last three hours of my shift!

(Nick Bodnar) - 14:29
My next move as HICCUP has been to acquire paint. Namely 2 gallons of Royal Blue and 1 gallon of White. Get excited Fortress!

Also Robert that story sounds hilarious! I wish so badly that I was in Kville at that time.

"Get your cheers ready, it's about to go down"
- from the soon to be hit single, "I'm in a Tent"

(Tim Lin) - 16:48
For those of you who don't know, personal checks are tonight. Everybody in the tent needs to be present at 3 out of 5 personal checks which will happen tonight and tomorrow night. So basically it's every man for himself. Except the Fortress is just so cool that we're still a team. Yup. The bright side of personal checks is that there are no tent checks while it's happening.

(Esther Showalter) - 17:51
I was just on my way to K-ville to make the rest of my tent shift (the temporary forgetting of which I blame entirely on my Linear Algebra class) and I crossed paths with a classmate who wanted to collaborate on a problem set and I said we should meet in K-ville tonight since we're both going to be there anyway, upon which he said "Ok, which tent are yo- oh right, you're in The Fortress aren't you." And he said it with the Capital Letters. It was a beautiful moment.

Thanks, Thielmans, for delicious cookies! Also, my mom sent me cookies that may have been meant for the Tent, but I ate them already. I'm not very sorry.

(Tim Lin) - 23:05
I'm in K-ville. It's crazy. Personal checks tonight. There's alcohol everywhere. I smelled weed earlier. I kinda don't want to stay here very long. Good thing there's some really cool sober people from the Fortress/Cru tent. We're all having a homework party. Tanner and I are doing stats. It's quite possibly the most exciting (stupidest) thing ever. Yeah. I hope people don't start burning random things down. I smell smoke...

"DJ blow my speakers up"

(Robert Francis) - 23:30
So I just got to personal checks, things are looking pretty crazy. Um...yes. Debauchery aplenty. I have intense work tomorrow...I don't know how I will get anything done.


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"I think tonight might be one of those nights where I wake up and I can't breathe through my nose."~Robert
"I always like those nights cause I wonder why I'm still alive."~Brandon
Qué?!?~Robert's thoughts

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  1. Brandon's momMarch 4, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    It's such a relief to me to know that Brandon truly is a part of Team Fortress and hasn't been lying to us all these weeks!!! Yay!!!!