Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday 3/02

(Robert Francis) - 11:41
Good fortune in K-Ville! Some kind souls have descended upon K-Ville with Jimmy John's lunch packs!
Yay!!!! Free food! And good thing too since I have 1.58 food points left! Woot! Sandwich, cookie, and chips!
(Tim Lin) - 11:44
Wow...I thought I was low on food points. All of these things that I had previously thought are apparently untrue. This blows my mind. Maybe I should just expect the unusual and never be surprised anymore. Yeah. I initially read that as 158 food points. And I thought he was drastically low. Then I saw the decimal point. And I feel bad for Robert.

Another quiet night in K-ville. Either that, or we missed a tent check. Most likely the first one. I'm in the BC now. I've been here since about 08:30 working on this stupid lab report. I'm mostly done with it now, I think.

I would like to announce that I made it out alive. Though they believe that they have sacrificed and eaten me, that is not the case. I happened to have a cow in my pocket (I always keep a cow in my pocket in the instance that people who I thought were my friends decide to sacrifice me). They cooked the cow. And ate steak. That was pretty tricky if I do say so myself. I'm so full of trickery. It's ok, though. Cameron and Robert, I forgive you. But if one day, you wake up and find yourselves on a remote island in Micronesia, I have no idea what happened. Honestly. But then again, as Captain Jack Sparrow so eloquently put it, "A dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid."

"Speak into their minds and their hearts while they're here"


(Tim Lin) - 12:06
Thank you whoever edited my Jack Sparrow quote. Looks like I don't know PotC as well as I thought I did.

Also, as of this morning, I found out the identity(ies) of the culprit(s) behind the fake tent check. I will not reveal his/her/their name(s) here. Because Claire and Jonathan would probably go kill him/her/them. So I will refer to him/her/them as Anubis/LaQuifa/the Wiggles.

Anubis/LaQuifa/The Wiggles did it.

"Throw it away, forget yesterday"

(Robert Francis) - 14:39
Elyn and I came up with a fun game to play when bored in the library! There are several variations, but what it basically comes down to is this: One person goes into the deep dark depths of the stacks. There they take a book (making sure that that particular book is where it is supposed to be according to the Dewey Decimal System) and carry it to a mysterious location also within the stacks. There they write down the DDS # of the book next to it and return to their partner. They give this person the paper and this person must return the book to its proper place! It's like being a librarian! Yay! You can also write a page, paragraph, sentence, and word number for the book and have a secret codeword that they must bring back. Or you could do a long chain of these and have a code sentence! And you can also time it. Endless possibilities!!!!!!

(Claire McIlvenny and Maggie Howell and later Lewis Purcell) - 22:48
This is another collaboration of M Howell and the mythic, magnificent, marvelous Fortress. Get ready... for the night of nights (that is from high school musical 3 if Claire believes correctly). We just survived our first tent check of the night. On this subject we would like to share a quote from a rando k-villian:
rando k-villian: "Oh wait, I think I missed my tent, I'm 94."
disgruntled line monitor: "Ahh...I'm still on tent number 5"
all of k-ville: numerous guffaws and laughs
Further information regarding the tent check. Many tents missed the check, including two above the fortress. Also the line monitors stopped some villainous shirkers getting out from their cars and as punishment, the noble line monitors would not count the scum.
For those lucky enough to be inside at this late hour, let me describe the abhorrent andtempestuous weather tonight. It is quite possibly the worst type of weather (and one of thebloggers has lived through several hurricanes so she knows bad weather when she sees it). We are currently battling "winter mix". Winter mix, for those lucky enough to have never witnessed it, is comprised of snow and rain AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! It is awful and depressing and demoralizing and above all weak and FICKLE . We all hate it so much. Also we all like complaining about it.
News flash!!! This co-blog just became a TRIPLET!!! Lewis joined our blogging mayhem. Also he came bearing gifts - specifically cookies from the Τhielmаns. Merci beaucoup les Τhielmаns,Grazie gli Τhielmаns, Spasibo Τhielmаnii, Gracias Los Τhielmаns, Dankeschön Τhielmаns...
Now, we would like to formally chastise Mr. Nick Bodar (though he's been a pretty good captain our captain) for failing to follow the blog. Nick was unaware that Claire's mother had sent the Fortress Cadbury Cream Eggs (which are incidentally his favorite candies). Nick is in all other respects a fantastic leader, but his lack of blog observance is an example of his only failure as leader. It should be noted that blogging for the Fortress is almost as good as being there. In this way, Michael if you miss a tent check we'll forgive you as long as you blog. But you won't read this so, WHAMMY!!! At this point Lewis cackles maniacally.
Claire now knows that the infamous, ersatz, and horrible FAKE tent check was in fact a pledge task. And she knows which frat. So yeah. Thanks random pledges, thanks. Also sleep with one eye open. Following in the great tradition of violence threatened on behalf of the Fortress, Claire promises that by the end of this academic year, one of the members of said frat will be flayed alive. On a similar Lewis promise to provide a nice sturdy Russian whip. Jonathan (inabsentia) promises to help. Maggie promises to bake a cake for the triumphant defenders of the Fortress. Watch out Sig **.
Some quotes concerning the impending blood bath:
Claire: "Robert Ryan is going to die tomorrow." "Basically, I've issued a Fortress Fatwah on him."
Lewis: "Angering the Fortress is like awakening a sleeping giant." "Also one billion rouble reward on his head."
Maggie: "I just want us all to get along." "But not really, the fake tent check was very uncool."


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

Cameron Oswalt 25 February at 00:32 Reply

haha very true laura. maybe we should all buy white t-shirts and paint some phrase? NOLAN, JON, KYLE that's 12 letters. or maybe we could go nuts and tie-dye... we need to just brainstorm ideas

Robert Francis 25 February at 00:35

Who needs t shirts we wont be wearing shirts sillies

Laura Ezell 25 February at 01:04 Reply

Robert, I consider that a very sexist comment, and can assure that I, Hannah, Claire, and Esther will be wearing shirts. haha Cameron, I think a T-shirt decoration party would be a fun idea, and then we can all have a good souvenier of our time in the Fortress. Plus, if we looked generally similar, the ESPN cameras could notice our unified awesomeness

Robert Francis 25 February at 11:22

… Anyway Laura I read your response and I think you had a typo, you said "sexist" but Im pretty sure you meant "sexy".

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  1. Claire's MumMarch 3, 2010 at 2:26 AM

    Dear Fortress Dwellers,

    Well the end is nigh; not long to go now until the final push.The Great Basketball Game.....Go,you Fortress Dwellers !!

    Actually,I meant Go,you Duke Blue Devils.

    And here is my tribute song with which to taunt the UNC supporters:

    We went to Cameron Stadium
    And everyone was there
    To see all those Tar Heels
    With their flowers in their hair
    We don't know why they bothered
    'Cos we know we're going to win
    And when they're going home
    They'll wish that they had never been.

    Glory,glory,Duke Blue Devils
    Glory,glory,Duke Blue Devils
    Glory,glory,Duke Blue Devils
    The Blue Devils go marching on.

    Incidentally,Nick,and all you other hardy individuals,there are plenty more Cadbury's creme eggs where they came from !

    Enjoy the game