Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 1/29

(Robert Francis)- 00:00
I arrived at the tent at midnight with Lewis and Bodnar. We then proceeded to kill Michael Gay. Lewis took out his legs while Nick and Cameron held him down. Johnathan stabbed him at least 3 times and Brandon delivered the final lemur punch to the throat. After storing his body for later, Jonathan climbed into a storm grate. Then things got crazy. We declared K-Ville Olympics and people started jumping over the trash cans. First 1, then 3...then 4! It was most epic. Lewis lost a race to Cameron, even though he cheated and then Ultimate Frisbee began...

We are in McDonald's. The reader may wonder, "Why aren't they in the tent? It's past 11 PM! They should all be in the tent! Wait! Maybe a tent check just happened! They have grace for an hour! I get it!" In a normal circumstance, the reader would be correct. However, this is no normal circumstance. Team Fortress has just defeated Zach White, the head line monitor, in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We were playing to 7 points (win by 2) when the other line monitors rang the tent-checking siren. Zach cancelled the check so we could finish the game. Then Nick Bodnar had the great idea of playing for grace. We won on a heroic catch by Cameron.

It was epic. We now have grace until 9 AM.

In other news, Black Tenting now ends at 4 PM on Friday. I'm not quite sure why. I think it's to avoid the potential snow (WHICH I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT OMG!!!). 7 hours of black tenting left. Everybody tried to convince us not to do it because they all thought we were going to die.

What was supposed to be 7 nights in the tent turned out to be 4. One was cancelled because of a tornado watch. One was cancelled because of a frisbee game. And one was cancelled because black tenting is now 6 days long. Epic.

Black Tenting is almost the greatest decision I've ever made in my life.

(Lewis Purcell) -14:24
Epic! Annelise, Nick and Cameron get so many keeps/props for that mealie game of frisbee that gave us Grace for the night. Claire, Brandon, Tim and I stayed in the tent anyways cuz of classes - however we intended to laugh at the other tents when they had night tent checks that we wouldn't have to get out of the tent for. But there were none - so that plan failed. Black tenting is reaching its end - to be honest it saddens me. I find one person at the tent policy of blue tenting will be lonely for that person and end a lot of the tent camraderie not to mention the enormous amounts of space we will now have with only 6 people in the tent each night. But we've decided to have some weekend reunions with all 12 of us in it again. Just to let everyone know how hardcore we are we decided not to buy a tent but rather use the tarp we've been using - it's epic. As a result of our hardcoreness we've earned a good reputation. Karen said she's had tenting friends complain to her about this one tent called, "the fortress" with super hardcore annoying tenters. Another girl when I told her I was part of "the fortress" exclaimed, "I hate you."

In other news I recieved the Russian flags I ordered in the mail and am going to fly one over the fortress. Americans are welcome to do the same - our tent is diverse, we need to recognize this :)

(Tim Lin) - 17:10
It's so cold right now. I'm typing with one finger. Because it's really cold. I type capital letters by pressing caps lock. Because Shift requires more than one finger. Brr...We are done with Black Tenting now and setting up our actual tent to get ready for Blue Tenting. I can't wait to laugh at the little girls who think it will be hard. The Fortress has had another major revamp. It's so cool now. Last night, Jonathan found a giant piece of metal and hammered it a foot deep into the ground with a giant rock. And we now have a flag. Amazing. I'm so ready for Blue Tenting. Bring it on. I also learned from Laura Ezell that Kyle Singler's girlfriend is following our blog. Oh snap. That's intense.

(Robert Francis)-18:00
So we set up our actual tent today (though there is debate as to whether we will actually USE it). It was most chilly and K-Ville was all aflutter with activity. My mom brought a tent from home when she came to visit. (Thanks MOM!) I had no idea that we possessed this tent and cannot recall ever using it, but alas! It is a great size and color anyway. (It matches my jacket perfectly). We started setting it up and putting all the poles and whatnots into their correct locations. It took us approximately a million (or 5) tries to get the rain fly on the tent correctly. But it was SO cold that everything was harder. K-Ville angels once more brought The Fortress food! Pasta this time, from the gril's Basketball team. It was very yummy. The fortress and the tent are all set up now. See the pictures below.

an artsy shot of us tying off the tarp to Jonathan's indestructible pole.

Tent teams and Tarp Teams both working diligently.

(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"You'll never get to sleep with Michael" ~Laura
"Damn it!" ~Hannah

"We should probably cut off her legs." ~Robert
"Funny story about that..."~ Hannah

"Brandon! Go to Shooters!! We can lose our [Shooter's] virginity together!!" ~Hannah Smith

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  1. I thought my comment posted, but maybe not. Just wondered if Brandon played Ultimate - he has many years of Ultimate training and is quite skilled, probably picked up the jumping, hopping abilities from his lemur friends. One week down!! Way to hang in there!!