Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday 2/13

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 21:56
The Maryland game was incredible. The FORTRESS struck gold again, and our fame increased thanks to the stylings of sir nicholas bodnar. However, on the other hand, I don't know how much life I have left in me. Heckling Grievis and just demoralizing a terrible Maryland team really takes it out of you. Plus, unfortunately, I had probably my saddest Duke basketball memory every. While eating in the BC after the game, I saw my favorite basketball star ever... the one and only JJ Redick... eating at the Dillo. I was wearing his jersey, and after some prodding from my mates, I ran to buy a Sharpie in order to get his signature to adorn my jersey. I threw away my trash from Panda at exactly the same time that he was disposing of his Dillo garbage. But that was about the only positive aspect of our encounter. I told him to not throw away his stuff in one of the trash bins because the Dillo lady had yelled at me about ten second earlier, and I didn't want him to experience the same humiliation. So, I guess it is cool that I gave JJ orders. However, he was definitely out to play for keeps. After he thanked me for the advice, I asked if he could real quick sign my jersey. To my horror, he said, "No, I'm in a hurry dude. Sorry." Exactly. And he ran off with his blonde fiancé (sorry ladies). I stood there in astonishment as the feeling of betrayal and humiliation crept through me. JJ lost some major points in my book. I was crushed. He is still my favorite player and has my loyalty, but I just don't know what to do now that he blatantly rejected me and exposed his true character. I can only hope he was having a bad day.

On the other hand, congrats on the win and the birthday Coach K.

And a major shout-out to my sister, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROXIE!

(Jake Purcell) -21:20
Lewis Purcell is dead. He has been replaced with a souless zombie of Duke Basketball, of K-ville; Jake Purcell. Duke Basketball program - you win. You've officially made me a Cameron Crazie. After getting no sleep and spending the entirety of two days in the walk-up line; which requires half your ppl at all time and never gets grace; I'm no longer functionable as a person but only as a Crazie. Exhausted and crazed, I had plans of a nap for eternity this evening but had a tent shift. Am now frozen in my sleeping bag on a bench.

On another note; COACH K's 1000th Game. His birthday, our present for him, and crushing of Maryland was ultimate. BUT MOST ULTIMATE OF ALL _ TO ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE - ZOUBEK SHOWED YALL WHY HE"S ON THE TEAM - he scored a resounding 16 points (second highest scorer of the game) and 17 Rebounds - twice as many as any other player on the court. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

(Esther Showalter) - 19:24
So I finally know who the Nolan of Nolan's Nest is. I hope he visits us.

My TA cancelled his office hours in Teer tonight. I found out after I trekked up to the E-quad to spend my Saturday night doing trying to understand Convolutions. Which my teacher claims has no root relationship with "convoluted", but my teacher claims a lot of things. So here I am in Teer basement until 9, when I get to back to the tent. The Maryland game was fun, but it's nice to not be in a walk-up line outside for another night.

I never got to see the super-secret mysterious unknown awesome thing except from the side. Someone had better put up pictures.

(Tim Lin) - 09:30
I don't feel so good...After this game vs. Maryland, I'm going to crash. I didn't sleep very well last night. Bleh. I don't like the snow anymore. I was really excited the first time because I had never seen it before. But now it's just annoying.

In other news, the exclusive super duper outrageous cool awesome mysterious unknown super secret plan has been carried out. Although the wind was kinda annoying and now it's kinda folded up weird. Pictures soon.

"I'll never wake up without an overdose of you..."

(Jonathan) 04:00
Did we or did we not hang a huge sign from the roof of Cameron Indoor Stadium reading "Happy Birthday Coach K! -the Fortress"?

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  1. WRAL sports had a great quote today about Cameron Indoor: "one of college basketball's most inhospitable arenas." They owe that great reputation on crazies like you guys!