Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday 2/02

(Esther Showalter) - 00:23

Grace til Tuesday night. Best year to tent ever.

(Laura Ezell) - 11:34
Another basketball player sighting, only I think I get more points because it involved actual verbal communication. As I was coming upstairs in Blackwell after doing my laundry (aka the bane of my existence), Mason Plumlee was coming down the stairs and asked me if we had vending machines. I replied with the affirmative and proceeded to explain where they were. I then continued up the stairs. I will no longer complain about doing laundry. (ok, that's a lie, but maybe I'll do it less vehemently.)

The Fortress gleaming in the morning sun. How noble and heroic.
(Claire McIlvenny) - 13:36
We just received another email from Zach White, Head Line Monitor, that grace has been extended to tomorrow morning due to freezing rain forecast for this evening.
I'm very sad about this fact. I miss being in the fortress.

(Tim Lin) - 13:37
I was in the Marketplace eating my lunch. Then, as I left, I saw Mason Plumlee sitting by himself like he always does. He was about to leave. He had 2 pizza crusts on his black styrofoam plate (he didn't get one of those plastic to-go boxes) and a cup that I presume was filled with water (judging by the lack of colored liquid droplets inside it). Apparently, he doesn't eat pizza crusts.
(Jonathan) - 17:35
Ok, so I'm with Claire on this one. I think "Blue Tenting" should be renamed "Invisible Tenting", since it seems quite clear that something that DOESN'T EXIST cannot possibly have color. And not sleeping in K-Ville makes me sick... literally. Studies show that sleeping inside is unhealthy, depletes the ozone layer, kills trees and contains 500 grams of trans fat. Just say no, guys.

(Robert Francis)- 20:55
I used to think I was trapped in that tent. I have come to realize now, however, that it is in the cinder-blocked walls of my dorm that form my true prison. Yes, I may have a clean room, I may be able to wear only one layer of clothes, and I MAY be able to sleep for over 6 hrs...but that doesn't mean I'm happy. I have woken up the past three nights thinking that surely I had gotten far to many hours of uninterrupted sleep. We all thought blue tenting would be easy. How wrong we were...

(Robert Francis)-21:36
Also it has been pointed out to me that our blog uses the word epic with great frequency. At least 13 times now. While this word is most appropriate, I have found synonyms that we (Lewis and Tim in particular) may find useful: heroic, larger-than-life, awesome, "freakin'" awesome, amazing, indescribably impressive, LotR-like, and soooooo cool.

(Tim Lin) - 23:58
I think from now on, my usage of the word "epic" shall be replaced with "Robert Francis-like."


(a series of out-of-context quotes that should by no means be taken at face value)

"If you want to be Michael Gay's lover, you've gotta get with his friends." ~Cameron Oswalt


  1. Things I learned from The Fortress blog today - Mason Plumlee doesn't eat his pizza crusts and enjoys food from vending machines. I love this blog!!

  2. I did a word count on this blog. Yes indeed, epic does occur frequently. What's more surprising though, is that the words foolish, ridiculous, and idiotic don't appear more often when referring to the fact that you are spending weeks sleeping in a tent for one basketball game.