Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday 2/03

(Lewis Purcell) -12:27
So I saw Ryan Kelly today at breakfast but didn't note anything stalkerish about him or what he ate. I would like to say that the chapel video of me serving Ryan Kelly communion is up - and it's hilarious - go to this link: and watch the 57:30 part - just a 30 second clip but it is both evidence that it actually happened and it shows my facial expression :)

BTW - tent duty starts today at 3. We've been out of the tent 6 nights, whammy!

(Tim Lin) - 17:15
Lewis and I just got off a C-1. Even though we wanted to take the C-1 back to East Campus. Because the bus driver had a UNC hat. Why would you even wear that on campus? I thought he was going to crash our bus. So now we are at the bus stop waiting for the next bus.

In other news, I went to visit the tent about half an hour ago. I saw Jon Scheyer walk out of Cameron. He was talking on the phone, and he was holding an orange Gatorade. He was also wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with a white undershirt and jeans and Nike shoes.

A few minutes later, Brian Zoubek also walked out of Cameron. Like Jon, he was on the phone, too. Zoubek shuffles his feet so that his shoes make a lot of noise when he walks. I hate that sound. He also takes really small steps, so it took him a long time to walk from Cameron to the parking lot. Or maybe it just seemed like his steps were small because he's just that tall. He was also wearing Nike shoes and jeans. He had a gray t-shirt that said the word "Champions" on it. I couldn't what was on the rest of the shirt, but it must have been a championship shirt for some sports team. I assume this team is from Boston because he was wearing a dark blue hat with a red Boston Red Sox "B" on it. He also had a black rain jacket on. And he drives a black Chrysler. That is all.

I'm so excited for tenting to actually begin even though it already started. I'm not on duty tonight, but I might sleep there anyways. I have an 08:45 class tomorrow, so by sleeping in the tent, I can get to class quicker. Because of this, I can wake up later which would give me more sleep. But it also probably gives me fewer hours of sleep because of the midnight tent checks and the raucous pandemonium of K-ville. Life is full of trade-offs. What to do...

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 22:45
News about our tenting group is spreading across campus. While working on Jonathan's sign post that serves as an anchor for our tarp, a damsel (not in distress) from the walk-up line for the GT game got Nick and my attention by hollering "Hey, FORTRESS." It is quite humbling to be known as "THE FORTRESS" around campus. Another event indicative of our fame across campus happened as well. A passerby noted the prowess of our tarp. He spoke aloud and noted that next year he needed to "remember to use a tarp instead of a tent" and that "The Fortress looks like the best structure out here."

I'm just sayin...

(Robert Francis AND Tim Lin)- 23:18
No it's not a mistake. No you're not seeing things. YES. It is a dual blog entry. The first in what I'm sure will become a new trend here at Nolan's Nest. (Notice the ambiguous 'I' you don't know who it is. Mysterious.) --OH SNAP!! Blue Tenting has officially actually begun. I think I've gotten sick since leaving the Fortress. Sleeping in my room is definitely the cause of that. -- Stay away from me then-- The post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy definitely does not apply here.--I don't know what that means. Anyway, we are sitting here trying to watch the final episode of try-out rounds for American Idol. We are currently letting the video load...--Cameron, Lewis, and Nick seem to be sleeping outside tonight. You might say, "What?! You're already sleeping outside!! How much more outside can one get?!" But this is even more outside than before!! How is that possible? I shall explain. --They plan to be right up front for the 'Tech' game. I use quotes since I do not believe I have the sports authority to actually use such a casual sportsslang term. So they will have no covering above their head.-- They are sleeping in the most outside of outside places!! It's so outside that they're not inside the Fortress. Or the actual tent that we erected today. I like the shade of blue of our actual tent. It reminds me of...--my jacket. It matches SO perfectly. OMG it's like it was made to go with what I wear!--Now, we can tent in matching colors. That's so much cooler than these other people who have ugly maroon tents. Nobody wears maroon jackets. That's just repulsively repugnant. Such maroon jackets should be expunged from the face of the Earth.--I agree. Farewell kind followers. We hope you enjoyed our dual blog. :)

(Cameron James Oswalt) - 23:51
New quote from the dissenting tent next to us... "There's no such thing as being nice." Hear the hatred that exists amongst them already.

On a better note, I just gave my first tour of THE FORTRESS. It was free, but I am going to start charging only $5. An incredible deal!

(Tim Lin) - 23:70
It's actually the next day. But I didn't want to start a new post yet. So now, it's 23:70. I like the case on Robert's computer. Everybody else's Macbook has a lame glowing white apple on it. But Robert's Macbook has a glowing blue apple. It's just that much cooler. Ok that's it. Bye

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